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Terraflex: Getting Photos for features created in Positions

  • 1.  Terraflex: Getting Photos for features created in Positions

    Posted 12-08-2021 17:19
    Edited by Alfred Baldenweck 12-08-2021 17:22
    Hey all, 
    I'm continuing to test out Positions workflows.
    I'm wondering how to set up features in Positions to be able to take photographs for them in Terraflex, similar to how to you can do it in Terrasync.

    I couldn't find a way to do it in Positions, so I made a point feature class in Connect (Browser), specifically to take photos, and placed this feature class in the same web map as a project published from Positions.
    Later, when I tried downloading this session to Positions, there was an error saying it was going to ignore the photopoints (fine, I didn't expect it to), but the data that did come in came in outside of a session. 
    That is, it checked itself in to the database just fine, but it is unable to be corrected.

    Does anyone have any guidance on how to collect photos in Terraflex for projects created in Positions?


    Edit: This is what I'm seeing. The features behind it are the ones that are downloading outside of a session

    Alfred Baldenweck

  • 2.  RE: Terraflex: Getting Photos for features created in Positions
    Best Answer

    Posted 12-09-2021 10:31
    Hi @Alfred Baldenweck...

    The most common photo workflow with TerraFlex and Positions is to enable the feature class for attachments. When you use an attachment-enabled feature class in a project, it will automatically generate a Photo type attribute in the template. Photos will then be stored as attachments to the feature. There is a secondary workflow whereby photo URLs can be stored to an attribute. Although this blog post contains a summary, it's a tad out-of-date as there is now the ability to store multiple photo URLs in a single attribute. Information on that is available in the latest release notes. 

    With regards to the message about storing 0 of 1 selected sessions, let's take a look at your log file. You can email it to me.

    Matthew Morris