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file attributes in trimble connect.

  • 1.  file attributes in trimble connect.

    Posted 02-10-2021 05:36
    Edited by Terje Fjellby 02-10-2021 05:39

    I have started implementing the file attribute feature in a project. link to knowlegde center documentation on the edit file attribute feature. witch i hope will replace using folders to convey metadata about the files. 

    in this work some questions have arised:

      1.  if this feature will be implemented in the TC desktop app? if yes do you have an ETA? 
      2. is it possible to edit attributes in bulk? possible with tags but not file attributes as far as i can see.
      3.  will an fileattribute editor promt on file update/upload be implemented? similar to the promt on file update in TC desktop.  

    @Laura Anne Niemuth
    @Jari Juntunen
    @Øyvind Svaland
    @Ole Christian Eidhammer

    Terje Fjellby