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  • 1.  Organizer

    Posted 05-04-2021 08:12

    When using the organizer I have come across a few issues.

    When a user opens a view, in this example its B1 layer of a rebar model.

    I then wish to use the organizer to add rebar sets to show the installation sequence of rebar. However when trying to show the layers, B2 and B3 and so on only a small number of elements are shown. But there are a large number of objects connected to that group. 

    But when showing ONLY B2 it will show all bars:

    We can use a workaround in the office as we can multi select the organizer groups by holding down CTRL but we cannot use this feature on site with mobile devices.

    Can someone provide a solution?



    Paul Jennings

  • 2.  RE: Organizer

    Posted 05-06-2021 06:21
    Hi Paul, 

    Currently there is not a workaround for this but i have filed an improvement ticket to have this addressed.

    Laura Cook

  • 3.  RE: Organizer

    Posted 05-07-2021 01:28


    Are we sure that is a necessary functionality?
    I do think that perhaps your suggested solution are closing some other needed rules.
    Will we not know how many rebars that are related to the filter (views) you already selected?

    we on our side make "starting-views" including all rebars in the current pours.
    Then we use organizer to pick the first layer, second layer etc.
    My point is that it is pretty simple to getting to the wanted startpoint based on organizator WBS.

    Øyvind Svaland

  • 4.  RE: Organizer

    Posted 06-15-2021 01:51
    Hi @Paul Jennings - we have implemented a long press gesture to support multi-selection on mobile. You should be able to select multiple Organizer groups now. ​

    Laura (Niemuth) Cook