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BCF Import

  • 1.  BCF Import

    Posted 11-13-2017 07:15

    How can I import bcf files from other software solutions?

    The tasks appear only in the To Do menu, but not in 3D view "to do list".

  • 2.  Re: BCF Import

    Posted 11-21-2017 07:19

    Hi Nicolas,


    ToDos in 3D in Trimble Connect Web are shown only if they are linked to those objects visible in 3D.


    In the main ToDo list you see all the ToDos.


    Best regards,

      Marko Myllymaa

  • 3.  Re: BCF Import

    Posted 11-24-2017 00:59

    I don't know if this will be possible, but like in other platforms we need to be able to open a ToDo that was imported and through the ToDo be able to get to the model location.

  • 4.  Re: BCF Import

    Posted 01-16-2019 02:25

    yes, why the desktop app. do not allow us to export the todo list to bcf as web aap.?

  • 5.  Re: BCF Import

    Posted 09-04-2018 01:05

    Can you import multiple BCF-comments as separate ToDos on the list?

  • 6.  Re: BCF Import

    Posted 09-26-2018 23:06

    Hi Miika,


    Yes, you can drag&drop multiple bcfzip files on data tab. See more help here:

    Import/Export ToDos and BCFs 


    Best regards,

      Marko Myllymaa

  • 7.  Re: BCF Import

    Posted 04-24-2020 02:17

    Hej Miika, have You manged to import bcf file so that it is visible in "to do" folder?

  • 8.  Re: BCF Import

    Posted 04-24-2020 02:35

    Hei Tomasz! Yes, I did. Markos instructions did the job.


    It has been a while, but what I remember of it is:
    I had to save the file in an older BCF-format or something. Any ways it didn't work with the most recent file format. I also remember that there was some information missing on my test (the view maybe). Hope you're able to try it out and get it to work!

    If you get the views with the BCF-file, please let me know as well

  • 9.  Re: BCF Import

    Posted 04-24-2020 03:00

    Yes about the view I am wondering because in tekla bim sight everything works fine with the same file even with zooming view to the issue made in another software. So if the Trimble is improced version of tekla bim sight I thought it should work also good. 

  • 10.  Re: BCF Import

    Posted 05-15-2020 02:33

    Are there new developments in this field? when can we expect to heve this functionality back?

  • 11.  Re: BCF Import

    Posted 10-07-2020 03:03

    I think its still not possible to import bcf to trimble connect. This link Import/Export ToDos and BCFs is a fault. Better say to import/export toDos by excel and only export BCFs.

  • 12.  Re: BCF Import

    Posted 11-12-2020 21:38


    You can import BCF Zip files by simply uploading the file to your Connect project. After you have uploaded the file, it will be converted into a ToDo and visible in the ToDos page.

    1. Go to the Explorer page

    2. Drag and drop the BCF zip file into the root folder or any folder you like

    3. After the upload and processing is complete, the BCF file will be converted to a ToDo. 


    BCF 2.0 is supported for import. 




  • 13.  RE: Re: BCF Import

    Posted 04-20-2022 02:07
    Laura, is there any chance to get also view in 3D with BCF file uploaded to the project - ToDo list. Now is possible just see the picture. :) ​

    Martin Matasovsky

  • 14.  RE: Re: BCF Import

    Posted 04-20-2022 02:43
    Hi Martin,
    From the source project , we can create views , add these views to the Todos and then export the Todos as BCF. When the BCF file (having Views attached) is uploaded to the target project, the Todos will be created with Views. 
    If the target project has the files, the View in 3D can be seen. 


    Darshan Rajaram Kamat

  • 15.  RE: Re: BCF Import

    Posted 04-20-2022 13:16
    @Darshan Rajaram Kamat thanks a lot. Understand. But when I got BCFzip file from Bexel for instance and I insert it to TC then it is not possible to see the view in 3D viewer, right? ​

    Martin Matasovsky

  • 16.  RE: Re: BCF Import

    Posted 04-20-2022 20:04
    Hi Martin,
    I was referring to bcfzip file generated from Trimble Connect.  We will have to check the file that you are referring to. If its ok with you , could you please share the bcfzip file from Bexel with our Support team ( We can try and let you know. 


    Darshan Rajaram Kamat

  • 17.  RE: Re: BCF Import

    Posted yesterday
    I have created a test ifc and bcf file to show this issue.
    When you click on the todo it doesn't take you to the view of the bcf, as you would expect. It doesnt select the object either.

    Thomas COSSE


    convert.html   4 KB 1 version
    Tests ifc and   375 KB 1 version