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Trimble Connect for Browser 3.8 | Release Notes | Aug 19, 2021 

08-19-2021 08:29

Trimble Connect for Browser 3.8

Aug 19, 2021

Trimble Connect for Browser Account Admin Dashboard

What’s New

Account Admin Dashboard

View Project Details

You can now view detailed information about account projects from the Account Admin Dashboard which includes: 
  • Project name

  • Export to Excel

  • Details

    1. Project ID

    2. Project type

    3. License

    4. Size

    5. Number of users

    6. Server location

    7. Modified by and time

    8. Created by and time

  • Project users list

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Export project details

You can export the project information and project's user list from the detail panel as two Excel files.

The exported project data will include:

  • Project name & ID

  • Created on timestamp

  • Size

  • Total number of users in the project

  • Date modified timestamp

The exported project user data will include:

  • User's name

  • User's email

  • User's role

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