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Trimble Connect for Mobile 2.15 | Release Notes | Jun 25, 2021 

06-04-2021 07:49

Trimble Connect for Mobile 2.15   

Jun 25, 2021

Trimble Connect for Mobile

Android | iOS | v2.15

Connect for Mobile Android v2.15 is now available in Google Play Store and in Apple App Store.


3D Viewer performance improvements

  • There is a performance slider (in 3D Viewer settings) with maximum performance as default setting.
  • In some cases, the views have corrupt 3D models. This caused app crashes. We will detect and provide you an option to skip corrupt models to load the view. This will unblock your workflow.
    NOTE : We will assess in future if it's possible to show which models are corrupt. 

  • Reduce device memory consumption : If you believe that the views are heavy, please use clip planes to show only the relevant content. We have made changes so that only content within the clip planes is loaded. This will avoid consuming the entire free space in the device, while the content loads.

  • In some cases the available capacity on the device may be lesser than the demand by the 3D Views. We will show a message to use a higher end device. This will help you know why the View didn't load. 

Elevation details

It's now possible to get the bottom, middle and top elevation of a selected element in a 3D model from the axis. Elevation calculations from base will be part of the next release.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes for customer issues with multiple 3D models loading (2 or more).
  • Devices with lesser cores had issues loading views / models. It is fixed now.
  • Search in Model had issues with hidden models, object info display , view update scenarios. These are now fixed.
  • Clip planes had additional spaces being shown in views. Its resolved now.

Known limitations

Some of the known limitations will be taken up in future
  • Drawing viewer has problems with loading large pdf files. 
  • Hiding / unhiding models within a view with multiple models has inconsistent behavior. Sometimes all models are hidden . 




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