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  • New Catalyst Service App (1.5.2385) available for users of Trimble Catalyst with the DA1 Antenna

    A new version of the Catalyst Service App is now available for users of the Catalyst service with DA1 GNSS antenna.  Delivered as an over-the-air update through the Google Play Store, this release includes stability enhancements and updated RTX satellite beam support and is recommended for all DA1 devices. Subscribe to receive notifications of all future releases by Following the Release Notes document below.

    Catalyst Service Release Notes
    Install the Catalyst Service from the Google Play Store

    (Note: This application is not required for users of Catalyst with a Trimble DA2 receiver).

  • New firmware (v1.40) available for Trimble Catalyst DA2 GNSS receivers

    A new firmware version is available for all users of the Catalyst DA2 GNSS receiver.  Delivered as an over-the-air update, this release includes fixes and GNSS performance enhancements and is recommended for all DA2 devices.

    This update can be downloaded and installed from the Trimble Mobile Manager app on Android and iOS. For detailed release history and installation instructions follow the links below.

    Subscribe to receive notifications of future releases by Following the Release Notes document below.

    Trimble DA2 Firmware Release Notes
    How to Update Trimble DA2 GNSS Firmware

  • Significant Update to Trimble Mobile Manager Released

    Trimble Mobile Manager 3.0 has today been released for iOS on the Apple App store and for Android on the Google Play store.

    New features

    Trimble Mobile Manager 3.0 supports the following new products:

    • Trimble TDC650 handheld GNSS receiver
    • Spectra Geospatial SP30 handheld GNSS receiver

    If you have a Trimble Identity and are signed in, you can now manage your account by selecting the Manage Account item from the main menu in Trimble Mobile Manager (iOS only)

    For more information, see To manage your account.

    Trimble has updated the geodetic library used in the Trimble Mobile Manager software to the latest version, ensuring that customers have the very best positional accuracy available.

    For information on new geoids and updated geoids provided in the gedetic library update, refer to this Support Note: Geoids in Trimble Mobile Manager.

    The update to the geodetic library includes support for local deformation models to further improve time-based transformations in areas of large tectonic movement within plate boundaries (where such models are available), providing accurate positions no matter where you are collecting data.

    As a result of this update, there are some changes in the behavior of Trimble Mobile Manager when:

    • Using a Custom local GNSS correction source and the GNSS source reference frame field is set to Auto.
    • GNSS output detection mode is set to Auto.

    For more information on these changes, refer to this Support Note: Coordinate systems in Trimble Mobile Manager.

    Improvements & fixes

    • When using RTX, Trimble Mobile Manager now falls back from RTX (Internet) to RTX (Satellite) if the Internet connection is lost.
    • The Trimble Mobile Manager app has a new logo.
    • Stability and performance improvements.
  • New Esri ArcGIS Field Maps release

    Esri has today released the latest update to Field Maps. This update supports new functionality, added in TMM 2.9.5, enabling users to take advantage of Trimble high accuracy positions from within Field Maps without the need to log in with a Trimble ID (TID). Users of the Trimble Catalyst DA2 will need to continue to login in order to access their user based licenses.

    Note that if Trimble Mobile Manager is already signed in it will continue to do so until the user signs out. We recommend that users check that their GNSS Configuration settings are as required after signing out of Trimble Mobile Manager, and before they go into the field.

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