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Trimble WorksOS, a cloud-based operating system, delivers 3D productivity and real-time progress to plan to maximize construction project and jobsite efficiency. Project managers and site supervisors now have access to all project information in one dashboard, connecting different systems to maximize uptime and minimize downtime.

WorksOS allows the ability to control each part of your construction project, incorporating data from any provider to get visibility into real-time machine data and utilization, live compaction and volume metrics, and more. Stay on schedule and work more efficiently with the ability to see and adjust work targets with WorksOS, designed to make construction management easier on and off the job site.

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  • New 'Excluded Elevations' Feature Released!

    Elevations data reported from machines working in the Project can sometimes be invalid or unusable for a variety of reasons. This can impact the Volumes data calculated on the Map, Dashboard, Progress Volumes etc. The new Excluded Elevations feature lets you specify an Elevation Range for your Project and any Elevations data below or above this range will be automatically excluded from your Project.

    Check out the video on how it works!
  • WorksOS - Temporary Unscheduled Maintenance 15 mins - Resolved

    Status: Resolved

    Incident Description: Due to an unforeseen issues in WorksOS the backend services will need to be restarted. This will result in a 15 minute outage while the system is brought back up online.

    Cause: The issue is related to the backend process engine encountering an issue and not recovering automatically. This action requires a forced restart.

    Workaround: There is no workaround until the issue is resolved internally.

    Incident Reported: October 7th
  • Whitelisted Users Getting a License Warning Message upon login - Resolved

    Status: Resolved

    Incident Description: Non paying licensed users ie Whitelisted users including Dealers, Trimble staff and Beta users would have not been able to login and gotten a red no license warning message at the Account selection screen.

    Cause: This was caused by the WorksOS front end UI not correctly passing a users TID to the back end to check for Entitlements (including being whitelisted). This is now resolved and all users can have access.

    Workaround: There is no workaround until the issue is resolved internally.

    Incident Reported: September 27th
  • Detailed Data Viewer (DDV) not Displaying Data

    Status: Resolved

    Incident Description: The Detailed Data Viewer (DDV) Interactive Map Tool when activated will not display any data for a Project. There will be a single blank row of "-" characters only.

    Cause: This is an internal deployment incompatibility issue, this will be resolved 21 Sep 2021.

    Workaround: There is no workaround to fix DDV until the deployment issue is resolved.

    Incident Reported: September 21

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