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Design complex 3D models efficiently with Novapoint unique design software for civil engineers. Novapoint is a unique design toolset in Trimble's extensive BIM solution for infrastructure projects. Civil engineers can effectively design all aspects of modern roads, railways, tunnels, bridges, water and sewer. The BIM solution combines Novapoint, a powerful multidiscipline modelling toolset – with Quadri, a seamlessly integrated and cloud-based BIM collaboration server – collectively providing unique project teamwork and control.

With Novapoint you can efficiently build complex models of roads and railways – including 3D terrain surfaces, 3D sub-surface layers and 3D structures such as buildings, bridges, road signs, cables and vegetation. Intuitive and highly effective functionality makes it possible to view the model in planes, sections and 3D. It is easier than ever to navigate in 3D and understand the model – ensuring precise, consistent and sustainable results. Novapoint requires a connection to AutoCAD.


  • Latest product news:

    Novapoint 2020 has been released!

    Download Novapoint using the page linked above. There are many new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. See the Release Notes above also.

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