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Troubleshooting TBC Installation Problems

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on Jan 16, 2019

Installation and Operational Problems with TBC

The following list are things that you can always try to resolve problems with TBC Installation or Operation. Below that you will find some typical support cases that have been raised and any remedies that are known to have worked in similar cases. 


Please note that on the Forum I am committed to helping you with technical issues relating to use of the software. While I can try to help you with specific problems relating to failed installations or specific PC configuration issues or network license installations, I am really not the right person to assist you. All such issues should be raised with your SITECH Dealer and have them work with Trimble Support to resolve the issue. SOme of these can take significant time to resolve because they are often unique to your computer, network, IT policies etc. and the state of update of your computer etc.


Solutions to Common PC Problems Checklist

  • Run the TBC Cleanup Utility to scrub prior versions of the application from your computer. This helps to eliminate duplications of tools from different versions being present and also clean and scrubs the registry to give you a completely clean start. The cleanup Utility can be found at the following link


Click here for the Cleanup Utility Link


  • De-install and Reinstall Trimble Business Center – use Control Panel – Add / Remove Programs to remove TBC and components installed with TBC including
    1. Trimble Business Center
    2. Business Center - HCE
    3. Trimble SCS Data Manager
    4. Trimble Office Synchronizer
    5. Trimble Feature Definition Manager
    6. Trimble Coordinate System Manager
    7. Trimble Data tdupload
  • Update your Windows OS using Windows Update – install all drivers and updates possible. As the software becomes more and more sophisticated, the need to have all of the latest Windows Drivers and Updates becomes more important. Like any product we use third party tools in the solution, and some more than others are sensitive to latest Windows Tools. Note in some companies, including Trimble here, the corporate IT may suppress Windows Update so that you only get a subset of Windows Updates. Run the Full Windows Update Tool yourself to go out on the web to check for all updates. I just did this personally and was shocked at what I had missed over the past year or so since getting a new PC.
  • Update your Graphics Driver(s). If you are having Graphics Issues of any kind, then updating the Graphics Drivers is also important.
  • De-install the Intel Graphics Driver and leave e.g. your Nvidia Driver only. I personally do not do this, however some people swear by this to improve graphics performance or to solve graphics problems. TBC should just use the best available, but I guess some combinations behave differently to others.
  • Update your computer’s BIOS (manufacturers website / support)
  • Check with your computer supplier e.g. Dell for system Drivers and Updates for your PC Model
  • Update your Windows to Windows 10 – if you are running an older OS, while not prohibitive in most cases, upgrading to Windows 10 will help you a lot. Also running 64 Bit OS will also help you significantly. Continuing to run an Old OS will cause more and more problems as time moves on.
  • Run the .Net Framework Update from the Install Folder on the Installation Package for TBC. We have found that Windows 10 for example installs .Net Framework by default now, and manages it’s updates through Windows Update, and therefore blocks the Installer in some cases from installing the .Net Framework Package. You can typically ignore the error during installation and continue to install the software and it will typically operate fine when the install is completed.
  • Download the installation again as there may be some corruption in the downloaded files. We appreciate that the full installation package is large and takes time to download, especially on slow connections. However, we also know that slow connections are often the cause of file corruption. So if the installation did not work, sometimes downloading it again fixes the problems. TBC v5 can be downloaded from the following link


Click Here for the TBC v5 Download Location on


  • We have also had a number of support cases where installations failed because people were installing off a Network Drive or Peripheral Device (Backup Drive or USB Stick etc.). We recommend making a copy of the installation package on your local PC and running the installation from there to minimize the likelihood of this type of issue from occurring.



If the notes in any of the following Problem Cases do resolve your issues, can you please send me a notification that this was the case, so that we can strengthen this support note in our system for others with the same issue. Often we suggest to people that this may be a solution and we can only assume that it worked because we don’t hear from them again. It is always good for us to hear back that you are up and running and problem got resolved. We can then also close out the support case on our systems.




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