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Trimble Business Center v5.10 Releases Today

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on May 31, 2019

Trimble Business Center v5.10 Releases Today (May 31 2019)



The Trimble Business Center Version 5.10 releases to users today (May 31st 2019). The installation package will be available to all users by the end of the day. 


This release brings a host of new and improved capabilities that increase usability, productivity, capability, flexibilityand more in the following areas


  • Corridor Modeling including
    • New Improved Sideslope Instructions
      • Slope and Bench
      • Mine Slope, Bench and Haul Road
      • Variable Depth of Cut and Fill Side Slopes
      • Multi Element Sideslopes
      • Sloping Ditch Segments
      • Slope to Material Layer
      • Slope to Remote Surface
      • Model Subgrades with Side Slopes

New - Multi Element and Bench / Sideslope Capability



Mine Haul Road and Bench / Side Slope Computations


  • Improved Slope and Shareable Slope Tables (include vertical curves)
  • Copy and Paste Template Instructions
    • Inside a Template
    • Between Templates
    • Between Projects
    • You can now store your Master Templates or Master Template Elements in one project and copy them into you working Template
  • New Properties that constrain your model better
  • XLINES equivalent capability for model building
  • Improved Import of Station / Offset / Elevation and XSR / GEN Files (Cross Sections)
  • Improved CAD Cross Section Conversion
  • Snaps and Offset, Elevation and Slope Extraction in Template View
  • Accurate Measurements using Snaps in Template View 
  • Improved Earthwork Computations
  • Sideslope Modeling including
    • All of the above corridor features but linked to a linestring or alignment
    • Copy No Edit capability for rapid use of the same Template for multiple instances e.g. for Wall and Pier Footings, for Curb and Gutter Sections
    • Improved handling of steps, offsets, angular corners and cross slopes from angular alignments


New and Improved Sideslope Command Functionality


  • Plotting and Drafting
    • Dynaviews now support Grips and Snaps - easier placement and movement of the Dynaview on a sheet
    • Improved PDF output quality
    • New Smart Text capabilities
      • Alternate Units
      • Math Tools in the Smart Text (+ - / *)
      • Horizontal and Slope Lengths of Segments and Lines
      • Depth of Cover / Clearance Height Labeling and Querying


New - Smart Text Capability


  • Takeoff
    • New Custom Takeoff Reports - Fully Customizable Takeoff Reports
    • Includes screen shot of project
    • Easier to read and understand
    • More flexible content control


New - Custom Takeoff Report


  • Geospatial
    • Feature Code Library now embedded in Project Explorer
    • Attribute entry and Editing directly in Create Point command
    • MX9 Scanner Support Improvements
    • Crossing Geometry Report (Works without a Surface) (Clearances and Clashes between 3D Lines)
    • Update to UAS Master Software (that ships with TBC)


The New Crossing Geometry Function for Bust and Clash Analysis


New - Feature Code Library in Project Explorer




  • Import / Export
    • Support for Sketchup 2019
    • Improved IFC Import and Export (Reads more BIM Properties from IFC Objects)
      • Can now Georeference IFC Objects, Subset the Objects and Export IFC to Trimble Access
    • PDF Sheet Import and Automatic Placement and Vector Extract into Sheet View


Improved IFC Format Support and Trimble Access Interface




  • TML Macros
    • TML Status through Rockpile Solutions - Check availability, manage versioning, licenses capability
    • New TMLs from Rockpile Solutions
    • New TMLs from Trimble


TML Status Capability From Rockpile Solutions


We will be posting new Videos covering today's release webinar, product demos covering all of the new features and functions and also over the next week we will be releasing Video content of the detailed training materials covered at the recent PUG Conference.


A Very Happy Modeling Day!


Looking forward to hearing your feedback - I think you will like the new tools


Alan Sharp