Alan Sharp

PDF Cross Sections to Takeoff Workflow

Blog Post created by Alan Sharp on Oct 31, 2019

In TBC v5.1 and earlier, the way to handle PDF Cross Sections was to use the Digitize Cross Sections workflow. This entails a time consuming process of scaling each section manually and then digitizing the surfaces from the sections that you require i.e. Finished Grade, Subgrade, Existing Terrain etc.


In TBC v5.2 to be released shortly, we showed the PUG attendees in US last week some new tools that we have implemented in TBC to do this work in a faster and more effective way, that is more enjoyable as well.


In this Blog I am going to provide a number of videos that show the steps to


  1. Import the Vector PDF Section Sheets into a Project
  3. Auto Extract the vectors from the PDF File pages
  5. Sort out the data in the sections into separate layers
  7. Prepare the extracted data for 3D Conversion
  9. Convert the Linework into 3D Objects using the Create Stored Cross Sections from CAD (we modified this command to facilitate the creation of Stored Cross Sections or 3D Linework from the PDF data)
  11. Manipulate the 3D Linework to create the linear features for the project
  13. Use the 3D linework to create surface models
  15. Add the Surface Models to a Corridor and assign materials to determine volumes


Along the way you will find many Tips and Tricks to make your process faster. If you have questions on these workflows, please ask them here so we can keep all the related Q&A together in this one Blog Post.