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The January Connect updates for Browser and Windows client are now available. Described System and Sync tool updates will go live during the first week of February. Please contact our team in case you have any questions!

Connect for Browser (2.80)

Change of address: the Connect browser application will get a new URL (week of February 4th). The new address will be Users who navigate to the old URL will automatically be redirected.


An issue related to the save/discard popup markup is fixed and is now shown without 2D viewer refresh.

Share data: we fixed an error that occurred while using the “Get started” button for “Any users with link” mode.


We have introduced improvements for File Upload in Data Explorer: with the new upload function the Connect application will no longer be locked when files are being uploaded. Instead, a new File Upload Bar is presented when uploads are started; completed uploads are clearly indicated.

Connect for Windows (1.7)

The latest release of Trimble Connect Desktop addresses a number of issues reported for R1.6 related to conversion of models that were encountered by some users.

System Updates (2.80)

Based on requests from users, we are now hiding users that have been removed from your projects in the list of project members in the Team page.


Improved tracking of shared data: information about shared files and recipients can now be included in Activity reports.


We have added support for another language: users in the Czech Republic can now use Connect in their own language, as well - Vítejte v aplikaci Connect!

Connect Sync (2.48)

The latest release of the Sync tool for Connect has performance improvements that result in reduced processing time of sync operations.

The Sync tool now shows folder transactions in the sync progress window and the number of items to be uploaded/downloaded in the Sync preview. Additionally, we have made enhancements in the Activity page to make sorting of data easier.

Last but not least, we have removed some bugs and did some housekeeping to ensure application performance.

Exciting news from the Trimble Mixed Reality team - We have released an official YouTube page. Check out the link below for videos covering Trimble Connect for HoloLens and other mixed reality applications as well as customer spotlights. Don't forget to subscribe for latest and greatest video updates!


Trimble Mixed Reality YouTube Page


For more information on Trimble Mixed Reality visit our Webpage.




Trimble MRP Team

We are very excited to see Trimble Connect for Hololens listed on Microsoft Windows Dev Awards for Commercial Innovator of the Year among the finalists.


To vote for Trimble Connect, signup for Microsoft account if you don't have one (Open till April 16):