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A new version of the Connect Sync tool for Windows (2.52) is now available via the apps page in Connect for Browser.


The Sync tool now handles files that are open during the synchronization initiation process by letting you know the which files are currently open and not accessible. From there you can decide to skip these files and proceed with syncing the rest of the files or cancel the sync process and start again after you close those files.

From Drawings, Documents and Spreadsheets to Data in BIM

Planning and collaboration in construction projects typically involve the creation and exchange of drawings, documents, and spreadsheets. This file-based approach results in a large number of files, versions, and folders with project data, which makes it extremely challenging for project team members to find the right data for informed decision making.

Trimble Connect’s mission is to provide the right data to the right people at the right moment. Connect’s ability to share and view constructible models today already helps hundreds of thousands of users to share, review, understand and coordinate project designs. 

We are now adding data to this capability to also enable the inclusion of associated data in the constructible model context. 

Processes such as materials management, quality assurance, and project planning can truly benefit from data that is available directly in the context of 3D models: instead of finding rows in a spreadsheet combined with markup in multiple drawings, simply click on an element to see the material status, QA results or planning dates. With Connect Workflow Extensions this - and much more - becomes possible.

Data-driven decision making requires a common data environment. Connect now offers this within the context of the 3D model to go beyond the world of drawings, documents, and spreadsheets -  unlocking the potential of BIM for the first time.


Access to Workflow Extensions

  • Available to Connect Business Premium subscribers. 
  • Learn more about Connect Business Premium here.
  • All other users of Connect (Personal and Business) have read-only access to the data included in projects through the new Organizer and Property Set functionality. 


Workflow Extensions Instructions

  • Please see the attached PDF document to learn about how to use the new Workflow Extensions: Organizer, Property sets and Content Browser

The clash check feature in the browser will move from the legacy 3D viewer to the new Connect 3D Viewer during January 2020. This means that the "Clash sets" panel will stop being available in the legacy 3D Viewer and become available in the new 3D Viewer instead. Clash sets created with the legacy viewer will continue to be available in the new 3D Viewer. Also, the clash set panel will continue to be available in the Trimble Connect for Windows application.




This change happens as part of the deprecation of the legacy viewer. Please see more information here:

 Heads Up: The Legacy 3D Viewer will be deprecated in the end of March 2020 

The Connect platform has been updated. Included in the update are:

  • a redesigned method for retrieving views by applications to improve performance with large view definitions;
  • a new, consolidated email notification sent after completion of BIM file processing;


This update also has fixes for:

  • an issue related to views that were not removed for users in Connect for Mobile after unassigning them;
  • removing permissions for deleted users;
  • "Create View" API acceptance of "empty" description field.

Due to significant changes in functionality between HoloLens 1 and 2, all future releases of Trimble Connect for HoloLens (TCH)  will be developed exclusively for Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2. TCH v 3.0 and future versions will not be backward compatible with Microsoft HoloLens 1. We will, however, continue to update our current version, TCH v2.1, to support HoloLens 1 for the foreseeable future.

With the recent update of Connect for Browser, it is now possible to move files from the middle panel into any folder in the project hierarchy. This new functionality  helps you rearrange your files in an easier way. We invite you to try it out!


Steps and screenshots describing this new capability:

  1. Select one or more files you want to move.
  2. Click “Move to” in the right panel:

  3. After choosing “Move to..” the project folder hierarchy will be shown on the right.

  4. The “left” arrow lets you navigate a level up in the folder hierarchy. Note that the right panel will show only folders and not any of the included files.
  5. Choose “Move here” at the bottom right to complete the move action.


Alternatively, moving files is also possible by dragging and dropping files directly from the middle panel to the left panel folder hierarchy.

There is a new updated version of the user guide for Trimble Connect for Mobile application. You can find the new user guide attached to this blog post.



Please note that the description of managing licenses in Chapter 1.1 concerns you only if you are using Trimble Connect together with the Tekla Structures application.

There is a new updated version of the user guide for Trimble Connect for Windows application (also known as Trimble Connect for Desktop). You can find the new user guide attached to this blog post.



Please note that the description of managing licenses in Chapter 1 concerns you only if you are using Trimble Connect together with the Tekla Structures application.

There is a new updated version of the user guide for Trimble Connect for Browser application (also known as Trimble Connect for Web). Updates include a description of the new Connect 3D Viewer application in Chapter 8. You can find the new user guide attached to this blog post.



Please note that the description of managing licenses in Chapter 1.1 concerns you only if you are using Trimble Connect together with the Tekla Structures application.

Connect users may have experienced a problem with 3D model conversion over the last day. The problem was related to our conversion engine, which stopped working for some time. The issue has been addressed and all uploaded models are now successfully converted into the Trimble Connect 3D format and can, once again, be used in the 3D Viewer.


We apologize for any challenges this may have caused for you.

Release Content:

  • Logging enhancements
  • General bug fixing and housekeeping

You can download the new version- Sync 2.51 (for windows) by visiting ourapplication store (linked).

Logging enhancements:

  • Each log file is capped at a maximum size of 100 MB. In case a day’s logs exceeds this size, a new log file will be added. 
  • Only the last 60 days log will be maintained on the user machine. This will avoid unnecessary accumulation of storage on user’s machine and free-up some disk space.
  • Users can now go to their preferences and customize the level of logging done by the tool. There are 3 levels of logging:
    • Debug: this is the highest level of logging - helps the technical team to easily figure out the root cause of an issue, if you are reporting one.
    • Info: this is an intermediate logging level - logs the information of events happening in the tool.
    • Error: this logs minimum details to understand the error cases encountered by the user


In case you have any queries, please reach out to

Happy Syncing,
Trimble Connect team.

Hi all,


If you are using Trimble Connect Sync version 2.48 or below, this is a post for you. We are upgrading our platform to provide enhanced performance while uploading large files (>50 MB), and this requires us to turn-off support for some older versions of Sync. We are planning to do it around 3rd week of August, 2019.


So please ensure that you are going to our applications store and upgrading your Sync tool before that. In case you are a Mac user, please hold on- we will release a supporting version by this month. 


If you miss to update the tool as mentioned above, you will not be able to upload files >50 MB from your Sync tool. 


How to check your Sync version?


1. Choose Help option from top right corner


Choose Help option from top right corner

2. Click on About


Click on About

In case you have any queries, please reach out to


Happy Syncing,
Trimble Connect team.

Trimble Connect Mobile v2.7 is now available in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. There's lots to look forward to! This blog post provides an overview of the changes made in this version.


New Features

Connect in Blue: a new UI for Trimble Connect Mobile

Connect Mobile has been upgraded from "dull grey" to "charming blue". Changes have been made to the application theme, icons, font as well as alignment across all screens in the application. A few previews below:




Search for Views

You will be able to search your collection of Views based on View name or description, then select the desired View from the search result. Selected views can be deleted, added to a view group or attached to new/existing ToDos.

View selections are also preserved across multiple view search.



Searching for Views in Attachments

You can also search for Views based on the View name and Description from the View Attachment screen in ToDo's.

A Views Selection Count will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. And: when you tap "Done", all the selected views will be attached to ToDo.



Searching for Team Members

We have created functionality that allows you to search for team members who have access to the project based on their first name or last name. You can search the Assignee for Views and ToDo's based on team members' first name or last name.



Czech Language Support

Czech Language Support is now also available in Connect Mobile app.


Bug Fixes

We eliminated reported bugs, including:

  • Todo was created without title and description at certain case.
  • A text overlap issue in the Object Info screen.
  • Warning message was displayed when the user tried to attach the image from gallery. (Already attached and removed image).
  • URL was neither created in TCM nor synced from other clients.
  • The EULA screen was not displayed on Pixel2 devices.
  • Multiple model viewer screen was displayed when users tapped on the launch icon twice.
  • Selected items panel was retained after clicking "Show All" in Assembly model.
  • Some items in the user list were displayed blank in the Company List page.
  • “Download initiate” alert was thrown in some cases, after downloading a view created with unsupported model format.
  • Models in Model Groups were not removed when users deleted the model from TCW.
  • Views were not always synced to other clients when the view name had any special characters.
  • Files were not showing in their correct folder location.
  • "No files available" was getting displayed sometimes when the user navigated into a folder.
  • A project data sync issue.
  • The application crashed when some users tried to log in to the application on devices with lower Android versions.


Some Known Remaining Issues

  • Views that are created from TCM after hiding the model will not be reflected properly in other clients. On launching this view in TCM, show/hide model won’t be reflected properly. You will have to tap “Show all” to view all the model on screen.
  • Occasionally, on loading large model files onto the 3D viewer, the application crashes (or) gets into not responding state, due to memory constraints.
  • The size of the measurement values might be bigger in tablet devices.
  • Models with a large number of objects might not be rendered properly while performing Pan/Zoom operations in the model viewer.
  • You may experience some parity issues with respect to View visualization across clients for features related to Orthographic projection and Global transparency.
  • View parity issues may include layer states, color and transparency. The layer list may be inconsistent on creating or showing views shared across platforms.
  • Occasionally, measurement with 0.0m value gets created when the user taps on the model when in the measurement mode.
  • Model alignment values set from other clients are not properly reflected in TCM.
  • Some performance issues have been seen while displaying the “Statuses” option in the right dragger of the model viewer screen.
  • Occasionally, an empty thumbnail is displayed for “Todo” attachments.
  • Occasionally, it takes a longer time for the project contents to be displayed after clearing “Local cache contents”.
  • Occasionally, a slower response may be observed when switching between tabs (Data /Todo /View /Team).
  • The UI may not be updated properly (in the right dragger), when the user resets the camera when in Orthographic mode.
  • User detail screen is not displayed with phone number.
  • Views will not be deleted from the server after an associated ToDo is deleted, but you will be able to delete these Views after detaching them from the ToDo.

Currently Known Limitations

  1. Global ID's that are received from conversion to Trimble Connect formats may not match between TCM/TCW/TCD in some cases. Due to this, links created may not be visible across clients for non-IFC models.
  2. Measurement values will be displayed with an accuracy of up to 1 decimal in “Millimeter” units.
  3. Offline Logout - users cannot log out in offline mode since the browser cannot be launched without an internet connection.
  4. While downloading files, the sizes for model files are fetched from the ‘Files’ collection, which may or may not be the final size for the converted Connect viewer file.
  5. During the conversion process in Connect's backend systems, the file conversion results in a change in the file size. Hence while downloading model files, the size required for storing it in the device storage, will not be the same as the original file size.
  6. The UI in tablets is shown in compatible mode.
  7. Sometimes an empty thumbnail is shown for files for which conversion to Connect format could not be completed

The new Trimble Connect 3D Viewer is now available in beta version. The Connect team has worked hard on this new BIM viewer and we are excited to make it available to all users. The new viewer can be launched by selecting one or more 3D model files in your Connect project and then clicking the View in new 3D viewer button. 



If you would like to give us feedback about your experience with the new 3D viewer, you can so via this form



The January Connect updates for Browser and Windows client are now available. Described System and Sync tool updates will go live during the first week of February. Please contact our team in case you have any questions!

Connect for Browser (2.80)

Change of address: the Connect browser application will get a new URL (week of February 4th). The new address will be Users who navigate to the old URL will automatically be redirected.


An issue related to the save/discard popup markup is fixed and is now shown without 2D viewer refresh.

Share data: we fixed an error that occurred while using the “Get started” button for “Any users with link” mode.


We have introduced improvements for File Upload in Data Explorer: with the new upload function the Connect application will no longer be locked when files are being uploaded. Instead, a new File Upload Bar is presented when uploads are started; completed uploads are clearly indicated.

Connect for Windows (1.7)

The latest release of Trimble Connect Desktop addresses a number of issues reported for R1.6 related to conversion of models that were encountered by some users.

System Updates (2.80)

Based on requests from users, we are now hiding users that have been removed from your projects in the list of project members in the Team page.


Improved tracking of shared data: information about shared files and recipients can now be included in Activity reports.


We have added support for another language: users in the Czech Republic can now use Connect in their own language, as well - Vítejte v aplikaci Connect!

Connect Sync (2.48)

The latest release of the Sync tool for Connect has performance improvements that result in reduced processing time of sync operations.

The Sync tool now shows folder transactions in the sync progress window and the number of items to be uploaded/downloaded in the Sync preview. Additionally, we have made enhancements in the Activity page to make sorting of data easier.

Last but not least, we have removed some bugs and did some housekeeping to ensure application performance.