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Introducing Trimble Connect Workflow Extensions

Blog Post created by Jari Juntunen on Apr 28, 2020

From Drawings, Documents and Spreadsheets to Data in BIM

Planning and collaboration in construction projects typically involve the creation and exchange of drawings, documents, and spreadsheets. This file-based approach results in a large number of files, versions, and folders with project data, which makes it extremely challenging for project team members to find the right data for informed decision making.

Trimble Connect’s mission is to provide the right data to the right people at the right moment. Connect’s ability to share and view constructible models today already helps hundreds of thousands of users to share, review, understand and coordinate project designs. 

We are now adding data to this capability to also enable the inclusion of associated data in the constructible model context. 

Processes such as materials management, quality assurance, and project planning can truly benefit from data that is available directly in the context of 3D models: instead of finding rows in a spreadsheet combined with markup in multiple drawings, simply click on an element to see the material status, QA results or planning dates. With Connect Workflow Extensions this - and much more - becomes possible.

Data-driven decision making requires a common data environment. Connect now offers this within the context of the 3D model to go beyond the world of drawings, documents, and spreadsheets -  unlocking the potential of BIM for the first time.


Access to Workflow Extensions

  • Available to Connect Business Premium (or higher level) subscribers. 
  • Learn more about Connect Business Premium here.
  • All other users of Connect (Personal and Business) have read-only access to the data


Workflow Extensions Instructions

  • New PDF documentation attached. Update includes information about the Property Set Master Library Feature (released Sept 29, 2020) New


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