Marcel Broekmaat

Trimble Connect 3D Viewer Release Note - Introducing Layer Management

Blog Post created by Marcel Broekmaat on Jul 9, 2020

Today we launched another new version of the Trimble Connect 3D Viewer, available at This update introduces support for Layer Management: from now on when drawings and/or models with Layer information are loaded in the 3D Viewer, geometry visibility can be managed through the new Layers panel on the left side of the application.


The Layers panel will be visible when any drawing (DWG) or 3D model is loaded and has at least one layer. Layer visibility can be managed from the panel or by selecting entities in 3D space.



Overview of included functionality:

  • Layer Visibility — show or hide individual layers by clicking on the "eye" icon, or use multi-select and right click on the selection to open the dropdown menu.

  • Search Layers — search for specific Layers based on Layer Name, then turn them on or off as a group.
  • View Isolated Layers — review the Layers that are currently visible and manage visibility (toggle between "All layers"/"Isolated layers").
  • Change Visibility for All — the Change Visibility option makes it possible to show all or hide all Layers.
  • Sort Layers — change sort order for listed Layers.
  • Isolate Element’s Layer — select a CAD entity or a BIM element and isolate the Layer it is assigned to. This also works with multiple selected entities or elements - the combination of Layers will in this case be isolated in the viewer.


Note that model object visibility controls does not change layer visibility.