Marcel Broekmaat

Microsoft Office 365 Support in Connect for Browser

Blog Post created by Marcel Broekmaat on Jul 21, 2020

Connect for Browser now enables opening Microsoft documents in Office 365 applications!


The file details panel offers an option to open documents in Office 365 applications:

Read and edit support is provided for .docx (Word), .xlsx (Excel) and .pptx (PowerPoint) formats; read-only access is available for  .doc, .xls, .ppt and .vsdx (Visio) files.


Users with Office 365 Business license are able to edit documents and save changes directly to Trimble Connect.

After activation of “Edit” mode, Office file content can be changed without downloading the file to your local machine and re-uploading after completing your edits. Actions that save the content in the document after editing to Connect are:

  1. Closing the browser window
  2. Refreshing the browser
  3. Changing the mode from “Editing” to “Viewing”


Changes made to the file content are saved directly to Connect and result in a new version of the file, accessible through the file details in the right-side panel in Data Explorer. Note that there is a delay of about a minute for the file version change to be visible.