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Tip of the Week #2 - How to Start a 30 day TerraFlex trial for Trimble Connect

Blog Post created by Adam Wright on May 7, 2020

How to start a 30 day TerraFlex Trial for Trimble Connect

Sign up, Sign in, Get TerraFlex


Sign into Trimble Connect

TerraFlex uses Trimble Connect to set up and organize your data collection projects, and to share data with other people in your organization.  Once you create a Project and add a Map Workspace, you’ll Publish templates for use with TerraFlex.


Download TerraFlex to your mobile device for data collection.

The TerraFlex trial begins once you sign in to TerraFlex.

Download TerraFlex and Sign in

A TerraFlex trial lasts for 30 days and allows a user to collect up to 200 forms during those 30 days.  Once you finish the trial, you can purchase a subscription to continue working on the TerraFlex project you were using during the (30 day / 200 form) trial period.