Felicity Boag

Tip of the Week #3 - Importing your users to License Manager

Blog Post created by Felicity Boag on May 12, 2020

The Trimble License Manager is where you can assign licenses to your field users for applications like Catalyst, Penmap, SiteVision, and TerraFlex. Before assigning licenses to your field users, you need to add them to the License Manager.


Accessing the License Manager:

The Trimble License Manager can be accessed via the link http://geospatial.trimble.com/licensemanager. Once there you can sign in using your Trimble ID.

Screen shot of Trimble License Manager


Adding Users to the License Manager:

To add users to the License Manager click on the Users tab on the left. If you only need to add one or two users, click the Create User button and enter the user's email address and name.


Bulk Importing Users to License Manager:

If you need to add a larger set of users then there are two methods for bulk importing users - from a CSV file or from a Trimble Connect project.

Screen shot of Trimble License Manager


Import from CSV File:

To import users from a CSV file, click Import Users and select From a file. Add their First Name, Last Name, and Email Address separated by a comma on each line.

Screen shot of Trimble License Manager


Import from a Trimble Connect Project:

If you are using an application that utilizes Trimble Connect projects like SiteVision or TerraFlex you can import users you have already added to your Trimble Connect project. Click Import Users and select From Trimble Connect. Then select the region and project you want to import users from.

Screen shot of Trimble License Manager