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Nick S
I need version 11.3.1   11.2.2v = Current 11.3.2v = Downloadable   Realworks recommended update course as stated in the startup menu.   11.2.2v - > 11.3.1v -> 11.3.2.v
in Trimble RealWorks Community
Alan Cliff
Why doesn't Realworks have the same facility as TBC when it comes to updates. After updating it still shouts at me in red saying update available! can be confusing as to whether an update has been done or not!   Why not click have it the same as TBC  so that you can run the update directly from RW start screen and then it knows what needs… (Show more)
in Trimble RealWorks Community
david moriarty
I am constantly being asked to provide 360 degree photos and scan station location coordinates after I register the scans.  I have not figured out how to get the coordinates easily.  Right now I export out the rtf file using properties of selected object.  Then I begin the cut and paste show to create a txt file of just the scan station, northing,… (Show more)
in Trimble RealWorks Community
Jiří Krejčí
Click to view contentHello i have problem with Scan Explorer which return me error " Server connection has been lost" and second error is "To execute this command is not enough allocated quota"   Does anyone know what is this causing? It is happening in project with 2000 scans.   Configuration of PC is: Intel Xeon 3,2 GHz, 128gb ram, Nvidia Quadro P2000 5GB, 
in Trimble RealWorks Community
Hello, when I am working on a project in Trimble Realworks (10.4), when doing cloud-based registration, the second window for manually picking point is getting stucked and hanged (even not able to move or pan second window, while first window is perfectly ok), and also mostly, software is getting crashed and closing unexpectedly during this time.… (Show more)
in Trimble RealWorks Community
Ernie Espinoza
Hi all,   I have a 21 Gig E57 scan that i an trying to open in RW 11.2.  As i try to open it, RW tries to convert it but then fails. Am i doing something wrong....?
in Trimble RealWorks Community
Daineal Goh
Hi there, Notice that the latest realworks included a new function - Wall Verticality Inspection. Instead of fitting a plane to the point cloud, could we use the information from the construction Revit model to create a surface (as per model coordinates) to compare with the point cloud for the verticality inspection?
in Trimble RealWorks Community
Tomasz K.
When I rotate the object imported from ifc at an angle, TRW shows a table with a suggestion to enter from the keyboard how many degrees can be rotated and additionally this can be done with the mouse. However, when I move an object, it is not possible to move X Y Z by a given value, for example by 1mm - it can only be done not precisely with the… (Show more)
in Trimble RealWorks Community
winston pari
Tengo un Tunel escaneado, genere secciones tranversales y ahora necesito exportar a .DXF y en 2D para continuar trabajando en una plataforma CAD. Espero me puedan ayudar. Gracias.  
in Trimble RealWorks Community
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