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cody cooper

Trimble Webinar Series

Posted by cody cooper Oct 15, 2015

You're invited to join Trimble for our next live webinar series. These interactive webinars will show you the latest solutions and best practices for collecting and processing data. Participate in one or all of them today!

  • See case studies from around the world
  • Get tips and tricks to capture and process data faster
  • Learn about new solutions to use in the field or office
  • Get your questions answered live


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Trimble Webinar Series: Time to Do More


October 21st: The New Trimble ZX5 Multirotor UAS


Wondering what the new Trimble® ZX5 Multirotor Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) can do for you? Learn about ZX5 UAS key system features, tips for data collection and review sample datasets.


October 28th: TBC Power Hour: How to Integrate Total Station, Level, and GNSS Data

In this webinar, we will cover different workflow scenarios for combining locally scaled total station data with WGS-84 based GNSS observations. Learn best practices for conducting survey data transformations and combining optical and GNSS data into the same Trimble Business Center software project.

November 4th: Integrated Surveying - A case study in the ultimate data collection and processing project.

What happens when you take a Trimble R10 GNSS receiver, UX5 UAS, TX8 3D scanner, V10 imaging rover and a full suite of software to a beautiful island to capture a world heritage site? Join us and explore the results and get tips and tricks for processing different datasets to create the most complete deliverable possible.

And many more!!

Did you know that you can set accuracy thresholds for data collection in Trimble TerraFlex? All you have to do is define the required accuracy within the Geometry Settings while creating a Form template.


If you're a current TerraFlex user, you may find the new "10 Things You Didn't Know TerraFlex Could Do" website your new favorite resource. The page compiles some of our top tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your GIS mobile data collection using Trimble TerraFlex software. This evolving online tool will be updated regularly to help you understand and fully utilize TerraFlex to keep you productive, both in the field and office.


See how you can...


Easily move TerraFlex licenses between your field users

Sync to the cloud in real-time

Create form templates for multi-use

And more...


We'll be adding to this list over time and will keep you informed as they are included. If you have any tips you would like to share, we'd love to hear from you! Comment on this post with your favorite tip/trick.


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