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Best way to combine models in Trimble connect

  • 1.  Best way to combine models in Trimble connect

    Posted 06-01-2023 09:19
    Edited by Edgar Rey 06-01-2023 09:50

    Hello all.

    I am going to combine or federate Revit models in TC. Architecture model have change survey point position to a coordinate crossing, so internal origin does not have a 0,0 coordinate, because this coordinate is now in the new survey point position.

    Structure model which has linked the architecture model has acquired coordinate origin from linked architecture model, now its survey point is in the same crossing grips as architecture survey point is. Both models (architecture and structure ones) have been uploaded to TC using shared coordinates as preference.

    Is this procedure right to place models spatially in the same place? because both models' survey points, which are the origin coordinates, are in the same place.

    I think could have another procedure to combine Revit models, it is that structure model does not acquire coordinates from the linked architecture model. Then both models are uploaded to TC using internal origin preference. I think it could work because architecture model is linked in the structure one using a position of origin to origin.

    Please, if someone can explain or add to this post about how is a good way to combine Revit models in Trimble connect

    Edgar Rey