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Blurry Panoramic Images - Trimble X7

  • 1.  Blurry Panoramic Images - Trimble X7

    Posted 12-14-2022 00:51
    Hey everyone,

    recently I have noticed that our Trimble X7 scanner produces blurry/unclear/pixelated  panoramic images (see attachments). 

    In the first image (blurry 1) the chairs appear like they have been moved during the scan, which was not the case. In the same image parts of the windows are pixelated.
    In the second and third image corners, of a fridge or other equipment, are very unclear and blurry. 

    Here are some of my theories:

    - Especially objects that are too close to the camera can not be photographed well enough.
    - Shiny surfaces, like the metal fridges or counters, are seen as mirrors and that confuses the camera? 
    - It is too dark or too bright for the cameras properties?

    Any suggestions on how to improve my scanning technique?
    Like choosing a different filter mode while scanning (white balance etc.)? Different export functions I should experiment with?

    Thank you! 

  • 2.  RE: Blurry Panoramic Images - Trimble X7

    Posted 04-05-2023 09:42

    I've noticed similar issues. I'm curious if there are any camera settings that should be configured prior to scans to adjust for high/low light environments.

    Ian McClain

  • 3.  RE: Blurry Panoramic Images - Trimble X7

    Posted 05-09-2023 01:36

    Hey Ian,

    the explanation, for now, that I have received from Trimble is: Shiny and reflective surfaces are difficult for the lasers to return from - leaving the point cloud less accurate and noisy in these areas. 

    The blurry parts in the panorama images are due to the visual link between the TZF scan file and the image itself. Somehow there is "a process" in which Trimble TZF scans merge the pointclouds with the 360 pictures. 

    For example: Shiny areas like the surfaces in the picture above, leave noisy points around the edges and since the "process" finds points in the area but no relating image content it will create some sort of blurry smudge to account for the difference. 
    Also, if I delete and remove points from a scan (e.g. furniture) and overwrite the TZF scan, the pictures will show grey areas/less clear images of the area where the furniture used to be (in my experience).

    Kind regards,

    Joachim Daetz