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  • 1.  Catalyst

    Posted 10-11-2022 16:06
    I've been using Trimble Catalyst to map fields for several years.  I recently bought a new Samsung S22 phone and upon setting up TMM on the phone I am encountering an issue keeping the Catalyst data active while mapping.  Basically, once I get TMM locked onto RTX and achieve the proper accuracy, I switch to my mapping app, Measure Map Pro.  For some reason, once I switch to Measure Map Pro, I seem to lose the Catalyst signal or the app is going to sleep.  When I switch back from the mapping app to TMM, the RTX signal is lost and it has to reacquire.  Why is TMM not maintaining the RTX signal when the app is not on top but still running under the mapping app?  I have the battery optimizations turned off for TMM and all the other required settings to setup TMM.  Thanks!


  • 2.  RE: Catalyst

    Posted 10-12-2022 07:23
    Hi Brian
    It's good that you have disabled battery optimisation as this potentially can put background apps 'to sleep' to save power when the battery is low

    To help us understand this can you provide a little more detail please?
    • Is this a Catalyst DA1 or DA2?
    • How are you defining the connection with Catalyst in your 3rd party app (Map Measure Pro)? Are you attempting to connect directly to Catalyst or are you selecting the 'Internal receiver'  
    • How is your 3rd party app consuming the positions? Is it over mock locations through Trimble Mobile Manager?  Has this been defined in the developer options?
    • Are you using all the latest version of TMM and have the latest Catalyst service/firmware applied?
    If the community can't solve this the next step would be to contact your local Trimble reseller who will probably request you to send the log files to help with more detailed troubleshooting

    Tom Harrison

  • 3.  RE: Catalyst

    Posted 10-12-2022 09:25

    Thanks for replying to my post.  Here's the answers to your questions:

    • I am using a Catalyst DA1 antenna
    • There are no options in Measure Map Pro to define the connection to Catalyst.  I have mock locations enabled in the developer options so I assume the software is receiving the Catalyst information that way.  Does that make sense?
    • Mock locations is enabled
    • I am using the latest version of TMM and the latest Catalyst firmware
    Like I mentioned before, I am locked on great with a lot of satellites with RTX and when I switch to Measure Map (with TMM still active) I have the high accuracy initially.  Say I mark a point on a map then when I switch back to TMM, often it shows "Autonomous" and has to reacquire the satellites and RTX correction before the accuracy is back.   I can post some screenshots to illustrate if that helps.