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Catalyst DA2 as a GNSS Reference system for Consumer Electronics

  • 1.  Catalyst DA2 as a GNSS Reference system for Consumer Electronics

    Posted 10-03-2023 13:22

    My company (Bosch eBike Systems) is developing eBike Components with integrated GNSS receivers, so we are not exactly in the surveying or GIS business, but we need a accurate and mobile GNSS reference system with recording capabilities. We are looking into buying the Catalyst DA2 with Trimble phone and have the antenna on the pole mounted on our test bikes. We got a quote for the Hw and a very expensive SW license for the device , which I believe is made for Surveying purposes. We would need 10-100cm accuracy and RTK and there is a system like that, but the only package deal is with cm accuracy and that expensive SW license.

    What we are really interested to log, except WGS84 positions with accuracy metric, is as detailed info as possible of each satellite used in the calculations, the RTK accuracy and a time stamp.

    I was told by the local Trimble rep that Trimble offers dedicated reporting SW for your special use case and wanted to check that option?

    We would like to see the detailed info on the phone display and log it to a file in some format and after test rides of 1-5 hours transfer the file to our PCs for analysis and comparison with logs from our prototype devices.

    If somebody have a hint on a set-up it would be appreciated!



    Anders Svensson