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Catalyst problem in maintaining 'RTK Fixed' on DA1

  • 1.  Catalyst problem in maintaining 'RTK Fixed' on DA1

    Posted 04-19-2023 06:19

    Hi, I am having big problems in maintaining a RTK fix using the Catalyst 1 centimetre level subscription.  It often loads initially giving a centimetre level , but can randomly lose this and may be at 3m or more for 15 minutes of more. before possibly returning to a cm level, sometimes hanging at 2cm, but refusing to collect that (even though I be very happy with that).

    This is becoming very frustrating.

    Collecting on Samsung A21s using TMM


    David Maynard

  • 2.  RE: Catalyst problem in maintaining 'RTK Fixed' on DA1

    Posted 04-19-2023 06:59
    Edited by Tom Harrison 04-19-2023 07:00

    Hi David

    First thing to check Is that you are using the latest Catalyst service for the DA1 - If you take a look at the DA1 releases page the latest Catalyst service version is 1.5.2385 (released September, 2022)
    - If you connect to the DA1 using Trimble Mobile Manager you can get this version information under the Position source screen
    - This will also tell you if the service version is up to date or requires an update via the UPDATE option  - help reference

    Secondly, what is your current location (country/state level will do) and are you working online or offline? These factors all determine what type of service and performance we can expect with the DA1 and will help us give a more detailed picture 

    If need be we can create a support case with one of the team and take a look at the logs 

    Tom Harrison