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DA2 Powering Off

  • 1.  DA2 Powering Off

    Posted 07-08-2023 04:41


    Just wondering if anyone has experienced the issue that we are and if there is a solution. We have the DA2 receivers implemented here however in the field after a while they shutdown and required the staff member to open the battery component up and activate the battery.  

    Is there a work around for this as it is a bit of a headache for our field staff.

    Steven Kipta

  • 2.  RE: DA2 Powering Off

    Posted 07-10-2023 06:07


     Not sure what type of battery supply you have but make sure the (usb cable) is secure on the DA2 side. Take the big phillip screw off and take the black plastic housing off. Make sure the usb cable is secure to the DA2. It does come out of the port at times. 

    Lane LeBlanc

  • 3.  RE: DA2 Powering Off
    Best Answer

    Posted 07-10-2023 11:12

    Hi Steven

    We recommend you use the Anker Power core 5000 or the NiteCore NPB1 and NPB2 USB power banks. Both brands are easily available on the 'net' and quite cheap.
    In addition we've optimised the DA2 to keep these specific power banks awake during extended periods of use.

    Tom Harrison