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DA2 - TMM - 3rd party app

  • 1.  DA2 - TMM - 3rd party app

    Posted 09-24-2023 12:45

    i have been using DA2 Catalyst 30 for about 12 months, running TMM with the DA2 and then starting the 3rd party data collection app and using the mock location.

    it has been runnning well. recently changed our sub to catalyst 60 due to cost. everything works and running fine in TMM, but for some reason the 3rd party app wont recognise the GPS input and the location jumps around or wont show my location at all. while in the TMM its conected to the sat links, location shared etc. i think i have tried everything... from uninstalling everything and reinstalling, checking all the settings etc. has somthing changed im not aware of? any ideas, i would be greatful. 

    Android on samsung galaxy s21.

    Scott Tappenden

  • 2.  RE: DA2 - TMM - 3rd party app

    Posted 09-24-2023 15:03

    Hi Scott,

    Strange, the subscription change has no impact on the location sharing capabilities of the application, I wonder if something has happened in the same time frame, e.g. a third party app update, or an OS update? You have validated that TMM is set as the Mock Location provider in your system settings? If you run Google Maps or some other GPS enabled app do you see the location jump around there too?


    Mark Kellaway