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Enhancement Requests for TerraFlex

  • 1.  Enhancement Requests for TerraFlex

    Posted 01-25-2023 14:01

    I am new to this community so apologies if some of this has already been addressed. My organization recently made the switch from Geo7X units running TerraSync to TDC650 units running TerraFlex. I have come across multiple limitations within TerraFlex that were available in TerraSync. It seems odd that newer software has limitations that were available in the older software. Below is a list of what I have come across so far and hope that may be updated with future TerraFlex versions. 

    (1) A field user cannot delete a point that was mistakenly taken. I understand this complaint has been raised by others and may be included in future updates. I would strongly encourage Trimble to do so. 

    (2) You cannot offset a point without the use of a laser rangefinder. Again, someone else has raised this issue on this discussion board but felt it was necessary to include the limitation in this post.

    (3) I have multiple dropdown lists within my form (the fields are not required fields). If a field user selects something from the dropdown, there is no way to blank out that selection if they decide that nothing should be chosen for that field. You can select another radio button, but you cannot get the field to go back to a blank field. 

    (4) In TerraSync, you could add a waypoint file to your device that would allow you to navigate to previously collected locations (without the ability to update the attribute information). TerraFlex only allows you to import shapefiles, geodatabase, or KML file types. It seems odd that one cannot import a simple .txt or .csv file, yet those file formats can be exported. Why are those file types supported as exports, but not as imports? I understand that most people probably use a GIS solution for mapping their locations, however, our program relies on a relational database that doesn't run through a GIS platform so creating a shapefile is multiple extra steps required on a daily basis.

    (5) Downloading features from Trimble Connect can only be sent through email. It would be immensely helpful to have a direct download to your computer instead of having to login to email, wait for the email to come through, download the zip file, and unzip the file to get the data you need for import into a database.


    Sarah Hirsch

  • 2.  RE: Enhancement Requests for TerraFlex

    Posted 01-29-2023 14:59
    Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    There are a couple of scenarios I'd like to get your thoughts on regarding deleting forms:

    1) The field user mistakenly captures a form, they are working offline and the form has not been synchronized to Trimble Connect, can they delete the form?
    2) The field user mistakenly captures a form, they are working online and the form has been synchronized to Trimble Connect, can they delete the form?
    3) If the form has been synchronized and then deleted in the field, should the form be visible in Trimble Connect still? If it is visible should it be marked/tagged as having been deleted in the field?

    We will address the issue with being unable to clear values in Choice and other fields in an upcoming update.

    Adding the option to import CSV/text formats is high on our priority list. For your data you are importing, do the features have an XYZ location already and do you know what the coordinate system of those locations is? One of the challenges with non-spatial formats is how we can validate the coordinate system of the incoming data

    We will have an update to the Map Viewer in Trimble Connect in February that enables you to see a history of exports you have generated and also provides a direct-download method for exported data.


    Hamish MacMillan
    TerraFlex Product Manager

  • 3.  RE: Enhancement Requests for TerraFlex

    Posted 01-30-2023 08:23
    Hi Hamish, 

    Thanks for the quick reply. 

    In our specific workflow, the most common scenario is that a field worker has mistakenly collected a point offline prior to syncing with Connect. In that case, I would like the field worker to be able to delete the point while still in the field and prior to syncing. That said, I wonder if it might be a setting one could program at the form template level. That way people have the option of allowing that option or not depending on their specific needs.

    For the csv/txt import, our data has XY location information in a geographic coordinate reference system (WGS84). 

    Thank you for addressing the ability to clear values in the Choice menu and for working on getting direct downloads from Connect!


    Sarah Hirsch

  • 4.  RE: Enhancement Requests for TerraFlex

    Posted 03-07-2023 06:12

    Hi Hamish, 

    Any update on the direct download method? I just saw an update come through, but no option for a direct download is present...unless I am missing something. 


    Sarah Hirsch

  • 5.  RE: Enhancement Requests for TerraFlex

    Posted 03-07-2023 06:49

    Hi Sarah

    The direct download of exports and export history can be found directly in the Map Viewer Export window

    From the Map Viewer select EXPORT > Select the RECENT EXPORTS option

    There's a great blog article on this here: Three New Features to Simplify Trimble TerraFlex Workflows

    Tom Harrison