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Enhancement Requests for TerraFlex

  • 1.  Enhancement Requests for TerraFlex

    Posted 05-10-2022 11:20
    As a recent convert to TerraFlex from Sync, I am puzzled as to why line data logging intervals is not customizable in Flex (as well as distance logging). A vast majority of my data collection is conducted in the woods where I am on foot and constantly negotiating obstacles, uneven terrain, and re-orienting my direction. Doing this at 1 second intervals creates an extraordinary number of excessive vertices that I have to edit out during post-processing. I was a huge proponent to have TerraFlex included in my organizations BPA with Trimble and move away from the sunsetting TerraSync, and now that I have it up and running, I am noticing other simple features that were available in Sync but did not carry over to Flex (date/time and coordinate stamps on photos is another). Additionally, setting Navigation Targets in Sync was as easy as selecting a feature and setting it as the target. As far as I can tell the only way to navigate to a feature is by entering its coordinates?!?! This is first generation Garmin technology.

    I was under the impression that TerraFlex was the more advanced/next generation field data collection software of the two and was the reason why Trimble is no longer updating TerraSync. I shudder at the idea that I will have to maintain a TerraSync license and run it concurrently with Flex while conducting my field data collection. And unfortunately, because I do know that some of these features are included in PenMap, it is not available for me due to my organizations IT restrictions. Why does it appear that all the functionality of TerraSync was split into two new field data collection software's? 

    I am no programmer, but it seems like these features would be simple to include in TerraFlex which would ultimately make for a better end user experience.

    Please consider and thank you for your time.

    Matthew Stersic

  • 2.  RE: Enhancement Requests for TerraFlex

    Posted 05-12-2022 02:59

    Hi Matthew,

    Thank you for your feedback here.

    We are continuing to enhance the feature set of TerraFlex to fill the gaps between it and TerraSync. Items like customized logging rate, image watermarking, and improvements to navigation are high on our priority list.
    On the logging interval specifically - did you have the logging settings for each Feature Type configured in your Data Dictionary File, or did you configure it within the Logging Settings in TerraSync?



    Hamish MacMillan

  • 3.  RE: Enhancement Requests for TerraFlex

    Posted 05-12-2022 06:53
    Hello Hamish and thank you for your reply.

    I am happy to hear that Trimble is working towards adding the aforementioned features to TerraFlex. I will continue to monitor the Community with great anticipation!

    To answer your question, I adjust the logging settings within TerraSync and is dependent upon the type of on the ground feature I am collecting, terrain I am working within, and mode of transport.

    I hope this helps!

    Matthew Stersic

  • 4.  RE: Enhancement Requests for TerraFlex

    Posted 05-12-2022 09:55
    Along with Matthew here,
    TerraSync (Options Logging Interval) change capacity for Time, Distance is essential to migrate to TerraFlex, regardless if a schema is possible to set to an interval.  This was the beauty of DDF/TerraSync and the dance we could do between them (bypassing what the NERD thought trails should be collected at, and then someone actually maps the trail).  Two entirely different control levels, often ignored by industry. So we need to control levels.

    But lets not forget the third and most powerful set of control a TerraSync running on a button based device (like the Geos).  The PAUSE/RESUME function. here in NPS, we have mapped thousands of miles of trails, and they are all different in scale, and switchbacks etc.  We map our trails at 5 meter distance intervals, but at a moments notice, that switchback up ahead needs 5 vertices to accurately portray its alignment.  Pause/Resume,Pause/Resume,Pause/Resume,Pause/Resume,Pause/Resume, will create the needed vertices for its ground representations.  No one else on the planet is doing this (exception is a new Garmin with a pause/resume on an activity).  This third component Pause/Resume, function is mandatory in my mind.  This could be a "pop up" window and a pause icon / Green Go icon available during line and Poly construction to allow this to occur.   Were not mapping just points.  GIS persons, unlike surveyors, construct lines and polys every day.  Help use with a GIS centric software that can get close to TerraSync's long evolutionary path, and you can help us.    Put TerraSync running on a Geo7x next to TerraFlex on a phone.  You'll get the picture!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enhance TerraFlex.

    Joel Cusick

  • 5.  RE: Enhancement Requests for TerraFlex

    Posted 06-28-2022 07:47
    Also please enable the ability to display collected coordinates  and elevation (at full precision) on the Terraflex mobile app.  It is extremely important for our users to be able to view  this data on the app while in the field so we can transfer this information to other applications and forms.  Currently, the only way to get this basic information is to download from Trimble Connect which requires a laptop and cellular data connection.    I am no programmer but it seems like adding lat/long and elevation as autopopulate field choices in data collection forms would be an easy fix to this cumbersome and frustrating work-around.

    Joel Maynard

  • 6.  RE: Enhancement Requests for TerraFlex

    Posted 09-15-2022 10:58
    @Joel Maynard Thanks for your feedback. Can you elaborate on the 'other applications and forms' that you need to transfer the lat/lon/height (and presumably northing/easting/height) values to? We'd like to have a better understanding of workflows that involve context switching between apps in the field. Perhaps there are better options we should consider than expecting users to copy/paste individual values using the clipboard. Thanks in advance for your continued feedback.​

    Matthew Morris

  • 7.  RE: Enhancement Requests for TerraFlex

    Posted 09-16-2022 05:43
    Thanks for reaching out Matthew, 

    We simply want to be able to easily view the final collected latitude, longitude, and elevation for any point/feature (at appropriate level of precision) that we collected in a terraflex project while in the field without having to download a CSV or shapefile to a laptop.  Exactly like how we can currently view a feature's estimated accuracy, PDOP,  photos, descriptions etc (ie. everything except the actual data!).  The user should be able to view the coordinates in DMS and DD format but more importantly the data must be displayed at full precision for whatever mode you collected at (ie. cm scale when using high precision mode, and with less precision if using a less precise catalyst license).     

    With regards to other applications and workflows:  We need to have this rtx corrected lat/long/elevation data available quickly while in the field to record in field notebooks, transfer to other internal software and form headers, and information given to onsite contractors.  We are honestly not interested in having terraflex interact with other software, we just need to be able to view the data we just collected immediately, accurately, and easily on the app in the field so those 3 numbers can be integrated into all of the other work we are doing at the site.  Currently the only way to get these fundamental numbers onsite is very cumbersome.  We have to boot up a laptop, open trimble connect (if you can get enough cell signal), export the data to CSV, wait for an email, download the attachment, find the lat/long, convert to DMS....  

    Please feel free to reach out directly if you want to discuss in more detail.  Thanks for your attention!


  • 8.  RE: Enhancement Requests for TerraFlex

    Posted 05-13-2022 04:32
    Spot on, agree 100% with the points raised.
    In the wild the flexibility to customize time and distance logging intervals per feature type, and the ability to quickly pause/resume are critical. Simple navigation functionality is also important working in limited visibility conditions.
    I was looking to update and did briefly look at TerraFlex but very quickly made my mind up I'll be staying with TerraSync for the foreseeable future in the bush here.

    John Winkler

  • 9.  RE: Enhancement Requests for TerraFlex

    Posted 09-14-2022 12:20
    A few comments about Terraflex (version 5.6.1).

    • Being able to centrally manage most of the correction settings (RTK, SBAS, etc.) is helpful.
    • Not have to mess with a middleware app (Trimble Mobile Manager) is a plus.
    • Not having the ability to look at X, Y and Z (elevation) values is a big deal.

    Paul Lohr

  • 10.  RE: Enhancement Requests for TerraFlex

    Posted 05-25-2023 16:10

    New TerraFlex user, I've also noticed the date/time and coordinate stamps on photos in not active for all phone types. Android phones have this capability to edit while creating the form, but iPhones do not.
    In addition, there are many other necessary features that would be useful on the user end.

    - Capability for our field crew to see what forms were added by other users, so there is no overlap.
    - Deleting forms added incorrectly.
    - Changing form layer after creating and adding.
    These three are very important on the user end. Expecting field crews to remember any incorrectly added or layered points, after adding hundreds in a day, is just not realistic.

    - Color blind friendly color schemes would be helpful as well.
    - Adding symbology to point forms would also be great to quickly differentiate which feature is what.

    Victoria Huerta-Jones