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Feature Definition Manager

  • 1.  Feature Definition Manager

    Posted 04-18-2024 07:47

    Hi there,

    I've got an existing FXL file that I'm editing in feature definition manager. The problem is, every feature is a 'point' feature. I need to change roughly half of these points to be a 'line' feature. Is there a simple way of doing this. At the moment, the only way I can see is by exporting the fxl as a csv, re-importing it into the feature definition manager and manually separating into points or lines.



    Luke Kerkow

  • 2.  RE: Feature Definition Manager

    Posted 04-18-2024 12:25

    You may want to consider editing the FXL file itself directly in a good text editor. This is how I almost always create and edit the FXL files. The Feature Definition Manager is my last resort.

    It may be as simple as replacing <PointFeatureDefinition to <LineFeatureDefinition. Of course, there will be other fields to the right that didn't previously exist in the Point definition that you may want to edit.

    I use UltraEdit, but Textpad or Notepad++ should work as well.


    Bob Epstein, PLS

    Mobile: 949-279-2226



  • 3.  RE: Feature Definition Manager

    Posted 04-19-2024 07:12

     Is the "Point Feature Definition" in TBC or on the controller?  I have been running into an issue with creating points in TBC, yet every time I export the points to project, they never show up on the screen.  Yet they are in the point manager, and also included in the layer.  But NEVER visible on the rover screen.  (unless the points/shots were taken on that particular rover).

    The only points that are ever visible on the TSC7 in Siteworks are the points shot by that specific rover.  I know i cannot be hard to make these visible? 

    Josh Quast

  • 4.  RE: Feature Definition Manager

    Posted 04-19-2024 07:15


    If you Trimble Business Center, just string up the points to a linestring (CAD Ribbon--> Lines Group-->Create Linestring from Points [Connect Points]). Ideally, you would have line control codes setup in your FXL so that when you process feature codes in TBC, the lines are already there. It does, however, sound like you are in the pre-field portion of the workflow so be sure to use Line control codes (StartLine--EndLine). 

    Zach Edwards

  • 5.  RE: Feature Definition Manager

    Posted 04-19-2024 08:11

    you can export to csv and then reimport. but here are a couple cautions:

    if you have a lot of symbols defined, then this route might not be the fastest because each symbol will have to be manually assigned again for each point. but you could avoid this problem by only dealing with the points you are trying to convert to lines. export to csv then erase the old point codes in the fxl or in tbc(tbc is faster for a lot of this, but i don't know if you can import from csv the same way so i would use the feature definition manager because i know it can do it). once the old point codes are erased in your fxl you can move to reimport them as line features. the importer is a little hard to get used to but can do it. it first shows everything from the csv and then you tell it that you want them to be line codes and also assign any layers/attributes. i am calling it import/export but actually i am talking about convert csv to fxl and write fxl to csv. so to be clear, you would have to 'write' the whole fxl, then parse out the point codes you want to change to line codes in both the csv and old fxl, then 'convert' back to csv.

    if you have no symbols, then just dump them all, and then convert them all to fxl and sort them then.

    another side thing. if you have line styles/layers you want to assign to these new lines. then, from what i have seen, this needs to be loaded FIRST. plus from what i have seen the feature definition manager is crap at this. so we got it to work by importing the line styles into tbc first, export a dummy fxl from tbc, in your csv you can easily put what line style you want in the correct column, then do the 'convert csv to fxl' in feature definition manager and they should all be assigned. this last part can be done manually for each code, but if you have hundreds it is a pain, and if you are like us and they are already assigned in civil3d then you can export from civil with the layer/line style assigned and move from there.

    maybe a little hard to follow what i am talking about and for a simple few codes without line styles then this is not necessary, but we spent hours trying to get all this to line up for hundreds of codes. 

    ian bissonnette