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GPS Pathfinder Base Station

  • 1.  GPS Pathfinder Base Station

    Posted 01-30-2023 02:10

    Can anyone see the Yamoussoukro Daily Base Station, Cote d'Ivoire in the Base Station list?
    It was there in early 2022 and now it is not showing. I have tried adding it as a new station, refreshing the list with no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is going on? Thanks Kate
    Added the Yamo Daily base station manually, updating list
    Details obtained from cbs_list_csv. HAE isn't correct as it's RL

    Kate Haynes

  • 2.  RE: GPS Pathfinder Base Station

    Posted 02-07-2023 12:47
    Just checked, updated list.  Its missing.  checked CORS, to see if it is adopted by NGS.  No luck.
    not finding links to SOPAC are working as normal.  Dig around, find archives for this station, might get lucky.

    Sorry. Try next nearest site to you.  Since this is SOPAC, stay with SOPAC, or CORS - the latter when used will NOT be in ITRF, so watch out for that.

    good luck.

    Joel Cusick

  • 3.  RE: GPS Pathfinder Base Station
    Best Answer

    Posted 04-25-2023 04:23

    Hi Kate:

    The station is down as I was searching for the same issue.  Not clear when it will be back in service.  I contacted the owner.  Here is the response:

    Hi Jim,

    The station has been temporarily down, and station point-of-contact notified. Any backlog of data we are able collect, once comm to the station is restored, will be publicly published along with the (normally timely) files.
    Best regards,



    I was able to retrieve needed data from this station going to the ftp site and downloading the daily files.  Just could not connect via PF which deleted the entry in the list.

    Jim Saake

    Jim Saake