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Issues connecting to Catalyst DA2 after firmware update

  • 1.  Issues connecting to Catalyst DA2 after firmware update

    Posted 07-26-2022 05:35

    Recent Catalyst DA2 GNSS firmware updates (v1.19 and later) introduced a change to the standard Bluetooth name of the DA2 hardware as it appears in your phone’s Bluetooth device list:
    • Pre version 1.19 the name would appear as Trimble DA2, 6212345678
    • After upgrading to v1.19 (and later) this name changes format to  DA2, 6212345678: Trimble
    This change standardizes the naming format for DA2 to match the wider Trimble GNSS portfolio, and more importantly, makes the device easier to identify in the list, if the Phone truncates the displayed name of the receiver.
    Unfortunately, some users have reported problems connecting to the DA2 receiver or tracking satellites immediately AFTER upgrading the firmware, from a version older than 1.19

    If you experience problems connecting to DA2 after upgrading the GNSS firmware, we recommend:
    1. Un-Pairing*/removing the DA2 from your device list
    2. Then re-Pairing
    3. Choose the DA2 again within your Field application
    After re-pairing, your DA2 should connect and track GNSS satellites as normal
    * The Un-pairing process is sometimes referred to as “Forgetting” the device.


    Tom Harrison