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Point clouds disappear when importing more info

  • 1.  Point clouds disappear when importing more info

    Posted 04-27-2023 02:24

    I'm working on an SX10 point cloud on the newest TBC version.

    Everything is fine and good, until I try to import an aerial point cloud from a few years back from a .LAS file, for referencing changes in the area. The aerial cloud is georeferenced, and includes regions made on other software.

    For some reason I don't know, the import won't show up at all. And as soon as I disable the visibility for the SX10 point cloud region from the View Filter manager, it diseappears also, and can't be brought back to screen. The individual scans can be brought back to screen from the manager, but they also work very unreliably. Seems like importing "breaks" something in how the View Filter Manager Works.

    Has anybody else encountered these problems with the new version?

    Ville Ronkanen

  • 2.  RE: Point clouds disappear when importing more info

    Posted 05-18-2023 21:47

    For anybody interested, this was fixed by completely removing TBC5.81 and reinstalling it. A weird problem as the program handled some point clouds normally (SX10, mobile clouds), but aerial clouds were not functioning.

    Reinstalling introduced new problems, like the need to close and reopen the top-down plan view tab to get any imported material to show up, etc. Hopefully they get these annoyances fixed in some point...

    Ville Ronkanen