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Position The Model

  • 1.  Position The Model

    Posted 02-07-2024 09:36

    Using Trimble connect. I import an IFC and change the position. When close Trimble and open; IFC going back to original position 0,0,0,. It NOT remember the new position.
    Any solution for this.

    Ajai peter

  • 2.  RE: Position The Model

    Posted 02-08-2024 08:31
    Experienced the same thing today.

    But it worked when I used the move command. I wonder if direct coordinate entries are not saved.

  • 3.  RE: Position The Model

    Posted 02-09-2024 00:26

    Trimble connect sync issue.
    You change it but there is no change on the servers.
    You reopen it and the old position is coming back.

    Solution: complete reset of trimble connect (read everything first):

    To do:

    Trimble connect desktop issue that keeps changing the location.
    Go to:

    Local disk C/Users/*yourname*/.trimbleConnect/.files/
    Remove the files in the folder and open Trimble connect desktop again to reload the files.

    Step 2

    Go to locale disk C:users/*yourname*/Appdata/Local/Trimble/Trimble Connect/

    Notice that appdata folder can be hidden -> you need to go to the windows settings to unhide this ...
    Remove the files in this folders ( notice that unpublished folders get removed also -> publische before if you need them !  )

    Mike Denys