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  • 1.  Select Feature

    Posted 02-16-2023 20:42

    When we have multiple work orders coming into a project. Is there an easy way to select all attributes with say code "XXX" within YYMMDD work order file - for the purpose of putting into a new layer?

    i.e. the surveyors are constantly survey the topsoil strip level "TSS" and we import numerous work orders (containing multiple codes) into the one project. We prefix our work orders with a date (So I don't think process feature codes is the solution here) - although I haven't used it in sometime due to issues with our workflow and that function.

    This comes back to an old post requesting prefix feature code options.

    i.e. import a work order / prefix with a reference code e.g. SURV 230209 * and the mapping file / feature code library then outputs to the various layers. i.e.


    Import file SU 230209.spj

    Layer outputs

    SU 230209 TSS

    SU 230209 CL

    SU 230209 EOK

    SU 230209 FEL

    SU 230209 FSL,


    Import file SU 230212.spj

    Layer outputs

    SU 230212 TSS

    SU 230212 CL

    SU 230212 EOK

    SU 230212 FEL

    SU 230212 FSL,




    Julius Newman

  • 2.  RE: Select Feature

    Posted 03-13-2023 17:26

    Hey Julius,

    If you have access to the ANZ Toolbox and I'm understanding your request correctly then there are two different existing commands/approaches that I think will work for you:

    1. Rename Objects (Advanced mode)

    This is the simplest approach. The Rename Objects command  has the ability to select a range of objects and assign new names and/or new layers from a mask based on any arbitrary combination of object properties (this includes feature codes and attributes). It's reasonably simple but very powerful. There's a video of command here:

    2. Map Objects

    If you want to create a more sophisticated and persistent set of mapping rules you can use the "Map Objects" command:

    I notice that you're in the UK and mention "Map Files" in your original question... are you a previous 12D user? If so a lot of the functionality in the ANZ Toolbox is targeted at closing the gap between TBC and 12D so might be of interest to you. The Map Objects command is compatible with existing 12d map files and color files for example. 

    Dylan Towler

  • 3.  RE: Select Feature

    Posted 03-15-2023 01:17

    This is great thanks Dylan. I'll get access to the ANZ modules and see what we can achieve - thanks.

    "I'd say combined 12d and TBC user. "

    Regards, Julius

    Julius Newman

  • 4.  RE: Select Feature

    Posted 03-15-2023 03:17

    No probs Julius - we have a fair bit of experience and knowledge with TBC/12d interoperability so let us know what you need. Some information here: and here:

    Dylan Towler

  • 5.  RE: Select Feature

    Posted 03-14-2023 01:44
    Edited by Matthew Pitt 03-14-2023 01:52

    My workflow for this would be:

    Open Project Explorer

    Expand Imported Files tab

    Right Click on your Work Order Import YYMMDD and Click Select Members

    Go to the Home Tab and Open Advanced Select

    Click Current Selection and Multiple Data Types (Or if it's just one data type you're after select that)

    Go to the drop down menu below and select your prefered attribute select equal to/contains and add your search criteria.

    I use this to isolate superceded drainage data from residential housing projects when I get a newer CAD layout, but it should also function for your purposes.


    Matthew Pitt

  • 6.  RE: Select Feature

    Posted 03-14-2023 04:04
      |   view attached

    Hello Julius,

    I've hacked a simple macro together.

    Have a look if that does what you need. Works with CSV, JOB, JXL and so on as well.

    As always, unzip into a subfolder in "C:\ProgramData\Trimble\MacroCommands" and restart TBC.

    If you want the layer name to follow a different scheme (include a hyphen or the like) you need to edit line 247.

    Ronny Schneider


    zip   5 KB 1 version

  • 7.  RE: Select Feature

    Posted 03-15-2023 01:19

    Thanks Matt, 

    I'd looked at a similar sequence, which wasn't quite doing what I needed, but I'll have a look again using the above, and Ronny's Macro below also.



    Julius Newman