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TC Sync - option for automatisation

  • 1.  TC Sync - option for automatisation

    Posted 03-07-2023 03:17

    In my ongoing project every discipline delivers IFC fil to a common server. These files should be instant synchronized to TC WEB and I tried to use TC_Sync for this. My problem is that the interval given doesn't allow me to set sync to 1 min, highest resolution is 15 min.

    A smother solution would be if I could start TC_Sync from a program call, like from command prompt
    "run TC_SYNC.exe  copy file AAA  to project BBB and place it in folder CCC"

    Is it possible to force a sync task from PowerShell or Windows Scheduler?

    Andreas Haugbotn
    ViaNova, Norway

  • 2.  RE: TC Sync - option for automatisation

    Posted 03-07-2023 03:43

    Hi Andreas,

    Unfortunately we do not support overriding the Connect Sync schedule duration to below 15 mins.  Command line triggers for Connect Sync are also not supported. 

    One suggestion is to use the Connect Platform APIs to custom build your uploads. 


    Darshan Rajaram Kamat

  • 3.  RE: TC Sync - option for automatisation

    Posted 03-07-2023 23:31
    Edited by Andreas Haugbotn 03-08-2023 02:14

    Thanks for a quick reply

    I think we then move for the third option, use a robot to click on Sync_manually, based on when a new file appears 
    The API is powerful, a bit to powerful in this case. But a better solution in the long run of course 

    Best regards  

    Andreas Haugbotn

  • 4.  RE: TC Sync - option for automatisation

    Posted 03-22-2023 18:02

    We had good success by having Windows Task Scheduler run an AutoHotKey script to press the "Sync all projects" button every minute. Keep in mind that you will want this to run on a dedicated unused computer, as it would be very disruptive to anyone trying to use the computer!

    Now, if only there was a way to do the same thing with Trimble Sync Manager. There is no "sync now" override on that one.

    Here is the script. Consider this a starting point. You may need to tweak it to get it to work for your setup.

    #SingleInstance force
    winactivate, Trimble Connect Sync
    sleep 1000
    click 70,60
    sleep 1000
    click 474,110

    Bob Epstein