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TDC600 SD Card

  • 1.  TDC600 SD Card

    Posted 10-13-2023 10:59

    TDC 600 gen 1 and gen 2, can they use a micro SD card that is an SDHC format? I was about to try one and saw my gen 2 600 tried to reformat it. I can't lose that data so I didn't proceed. Anyone else try a larger card that was an HC format? Would be interested in knowing if the same thing happens on a Gen 1.


    Kara O'Neill

  • 2.  RE: TDC600 SD Card

    Posted 10-15-2023 20:43
    Edited by Norman Smart 10-15-2023 20:55

    TDC600 v2 definitely uses SD-HC as well as the even bigger SD-XC format.  To check this, I installed a 32GB Kingston SD-HC card then a 1TB SanDisk Ultra SD-XC card, checked that the TDC600 v2 could read them.  I don't have a TDC600 v1 handy to check on that, but I'm 99% sure it accepts SD-HC and I'd would expect SD-XC to work as well but less certain about that.  Note that these are SD cards I've used in other Trimble handhelds before, so they are probably not in the same state they were when I bought them!

    One reason why TDC600 may want to format an SD card is if the SD Card is exFAT format - you can see if that's the case for your SD card by looking at the properties of the SD-card on a PC.  TDC600 only understands FAT32, I think.

    But even if your SD card isn't exFAT, Android wanting to format the card doesn't surprise me.  Android (all devices, not specific to TDC600) sometimes decides that it won't use a particular SD card until you've formatted it.

    It's easiest not to fight it - copy your data off the card, let TDC600 format it, then copy your data back onto the SD card.  Be aware, though, that FAT32 has limits on file size (2GB, maybe?) so if you have a 5GB OS image on your SD card, you won't be able to put it back on the card once TDC600 has formatted the card as FAT32.

    Norman Smart

  • 3.  RE: TDC600 SD Card

    Posted 10-16-2023 12:44

    Thank you Norman. Very detailed response which I appreciate. I was hoping to but some basemaps on storage device to eventually side load. 

    Kara O'Neill