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TDC650 Trimble Mobile Manager and ESRI Field Maps - Connecting to GPS Device

  • 1.  TDC650 Trimble Mobile Manager and ESRI Field Maps - Connecting to GPS Device

    Posted 03-13-2023 14:10

    I recently procured a Trimble TDC650 Sub-meter unit for our team. The unit was delivered on Friday and I have spent the weekend setting it up for use. I downloaded ESRI Field Maps and successfully linked our enterprise account to the application on the unit. I followed the procedure to enable mock locations on the unit, and selected Trimble Mobile Manager as a mock location app. In Trimble Mobile Manager I have toggled on the 'Connect to position source: "Integrated Receiver"'. Subsequently, I am able to see satellites in the Skyplot, and that there is a working GPS signal which displays horizontal and vertical RMS. I enabled location sharing within the Trimble Mobile Manager application settings, and confirmed that the status on the Home Page is "Location Sharing Status on". 

    The issue that I am running into is that upon opening Field Maps, the application maintains a banner above the map which reads "Connecting to GPS device." The banner does not go away, a location is never produced. Eventually a second banner will temporarily appear along the bottom of the map which reads "Make sure Integrated is nearby and powered on". After the second banner fades, the top banner changes to read "GPS device no connected".

    I found that a similar issue was reported in the TC600s on this forum, and a similar issue was described when attempting to use field maps with a DA2. I followed the advice given in the latter post. If I close all applications and do not open Trimble Mobile Manager, but instead only open Field Maps a location is provided. However, I am worried that the receiver is acquiring a location based off of the low accuracy receiver built into the smartphone. I say this because if I then open Trimble Mobile Manager, the Integrated Receiver is toggled off, and when toggled on cannot connect to satellites (status is "Connecting..." and never changes). If I quit Field Maps and leave Mobile Manager open, a GPS connection is immediately established with higher accuracy than reported in Field Maps. I am able to see in Field Maps that the location is derived from several satellites when I click on the location banner at the top of the map. I do not know if the smartphone low accuracy receiver would rely on multiple satellites as well. Regardless, the accuracy generally hovers around 2m, and rarely is sub-meter.

    Could someone confirm that ESRI Field Maps is indeed using the integrated sub-meter receiver and not the low accuracy smartphone receiver? I have contacted our local rep, and ESRI but have not been able to get a good answer. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your time.

    Benjamin Langey

  • 2.  RE: TDC650 Trimble Mobile Manager and ESRI Field Maps - Connecting to GPS Device

    Posted 03-13-2023 14:32

    Hi Benjamin,

    'Internal' for the TDC650 is the attached Trimble receiver. The steps you should take are:

    1. Quit Field Maps if running
    2. Open TMM, configure your GNSS Configuration pane in the app with the corrections you wish to use (Auto will use best available for your device, if you have an RTX subscription it will use that when available, if not it will use SBAS). 
    3. Configure your GNSS output settings to match your GNSS Coordinate System in your Field Maps profile, unless you know otherwise leave this at 'Auto'.
    4. Set your Geoid if needed.
    5. Once you have done this ensure that TMM is NOT connected to the receiver (toggle switch off).
    6. Next run Field Maps and select the Integrated receiver, you should find you get positions and the GNSS settings should be as you have selected in TMM.

    Once you are set up you will not need to repeat the above steps, you should be able to just run Field Maps as usual.

    Best Regards,

    Mark Kellaway

  • 3.  RE: TDC650 Trimble Mobile Manager and ESRI Field Maps - Connecting to GPS Device

    Posted 03-14-2023 08:00

    In addition to what Mark said... In your FieldMaps map view tap on the GPS Accuracy field and the GPS Data will be displayed. It should read 'Trimble TDC650' instead of 'Integrated'.

    That is how you know for sure FieldMaps is using the Trimble receiver and not just the android device.

    Reid Joy