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Terraflex data capture

  • 1.  Terraflex data capture

    Posted 09-06-2023 03:57

    Is it possible to suppress location capture in a Terraflex form? We're using Nautiz x41 Handhelds running Terraflex and Catalyst DA2 for location, and while we capture location in some applications, we'd like to be able to capture barcode and input data without location for others. I can't see an option to suppress the location fields at the top of the screen. If you ignore them, then you get an error message (no location captured) on completing the form. While this isn't a show stopper, we're as an environmental charity using volunteers we need to make the workflow as simple and intuitive as possible. 

    Is there a way to turn location off altogether?

    Thanks in advance. 


    Carbon Com5

  • 2.  RE: Terraflex data capture

    Posted 09-06-2023 19:58

    Hi Charles,

    There is no way to disable the location capture completely, but it should be possible to capture forms without being prompted to log a location. Have a look at the template in Map Viewer and see if the 'Form geometry must be captured' option is checked:

    If this option is enabled then TerraFlex will require a location to be logged for the form to be saved


    Hamish MacMillan
    TerraFlex Product Manager

  • 3.  RE: Terraflex data capture

    Posted 09-07-2023 01:26

    Thanks Hamish. Unfortunately whether the  'Form geometry must be captured' option is checked or not doesn't make any difference. 

    and In the Terraflex app the location is still forced and an error message on the form save is triggered. 
    Any work arounds here? 
    Thanks Charles

    Carbon Com5

  • 4.  RE: Terraflex data capture

    Posted 09-08-2023 09:50

    You can go into the device settings and change the TerraFlex settings to disable location.  Then when you run terraflex, choose the template, fill out your information, then Click Yes to store the Form without location.  once synced open your Trimble Connect Map Workspace.  Now you wont see a dot on the map because you didnt log a location, however you will see the form in the Layers window displayed as a number (number of forms collected for the template) to the left of the template name.  Hope this helps.  Now the only issue that may arise here is if you have TerraFLex Premium and the Offline GNSS enabled for field GNSS data post processing.  If this is the case, then spin up a new project without the GNSS enabled and you should be able to collect forms with no locations and export as a csv file.

    TerraFlex Form No Location

    Good Luck, ericb

    eric bock