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TMM - Reference Frames - error in coordinates

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  • 1.  TMM - Reference Frames - error in coordinates

    Posted 12-07-2023 03:28
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    We are currently using Trimble SDK and TMM app for Android/IOS for conecting with Catalyst Anntenna. We have received some "bad coordinates" (either with offset or scaled) and when I look into the metadata I can see that the error occurs when "outputReferenceFrame": "ITRF2014" while when "outputReferenceFrame": "off" the coordinates  are fine. Here are some more meatdata:

      "outputEpoch": "2023.7",

      "sourceEpoch": "NaN",

    "outputReferenceFrame": "ITRF2014",

      "sourceReferenceFrame": "Off",

    "antenna_name": "DA2, 6231100109: Trimble",

      "isTransformed": false,

      "geoidModel": "EGM96 (Global)",

      "stationId": "0",

    My settings in GNSS configuration are always the same: 

    For testing purposes I changed to other Reference Frames EUREF-DK15, ETRF2000, WGS84 (G1762) but I couldn't re-produce the error (it was always coming "outputReferenceFrame": "off" and good coordinates).

    My question are:

    1.       Why I get only sometimes "outputReferenceFrame": "ITRF2014" while I am not changing anything in the configuration? When the "outputReferenceFrame": "off" which is the frame that is used?

    2.       What the "isTransformed": false means?

    3.        What are the correct settings that I should use in GNSS configuration? (We are located in Denmark).

    I would also like if it's possible to provide me with the 7 parameters that are used for transformation between the systems, so I can try to re-process my data.

    Thank you in advance.


    ank ank

  • 2.  RE: TMM - Reference Frames - error in coordinates

    Posted 12-07-2023 08:37
    No replies, thread closed.

    HI Ank Ank

    I'm going to close this off and refer to the SDK community thread HERE which is the best place for TPSDK and other dev related questions

    Tom Harrison