Trimble Business Center

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  • 1.  TRIMBLE TSC7 DWG Problems

    Posted 03-12-2023 14:59

    Hi All,

    Currently facing a little issue with the TSC7 when importing DWG files, my first issue is FPS drop within field view, the file is only 750KB and most layers are inactive, the second being after i zoom into to around 5m most of the layers become invisible and the screen will just turn white ? is this a rendering issue and if so is their any way to fix it ? 

    Thanks all

    grant knox

  • 2.  RE: TRIMBLE TSC7 DWG Problems

    Posted 03-12-2023 15:37

    There is probably some information far away from your main entities. Can you upload the file please.

    Ronny Schneider

  • 3.  RE: TRIMBLE TSC7 DWG Problems

    Posted 03-13-2023 07:15

    I recently encountered a problem like this.  using TSC 7/Siteworks.  The party chief sync to the new work order and the DXF was maybe 95% whited out.  We closed out of Siteworks and opened the project back up.  As soon as the project opened,  all the lines were visible. 

    Francisco Guerrero