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Unusual Satellite Signal Interference Challenge

  • 1.  Unusual Satellite Signal Interference Challenge

    Posted 12-07-2023 05:52

    I've been facing a rather unique challenge with satellite signal interference in my Trimble GNSS system. Despite careful antenna placement and calibration, I've noticed sporadic disruptions in signal reception, particularly in urban environments. I've tried adjusting the elevation mask, playing with different constellations, and even exploring alternative frequencies, but the issue persists. Has anyone else encountered such an uncommon interference scenario, and if so, what strategies did you employ to mitigate it successfully? Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I'm keen to enhance the reliability of my Trimble system in challenging signal environments.

    hashir shabbir

  • 2.  RE: Unusual Satellite Signal Interference Challenge

    Posted 12-10-2023 13:14

    We had occasional interference / jamming at work, lasting up to a few hours, we traced this to a company across the road (maybe 50M from our GNSS antenna) who did radio work for taxi companies etc.  We suspect they also supplied GPS jammers for people who didn't want their company or spouse to be able to track them.  That company has moved to some other location and that major interference has stopped, but we still get occasional jamming as someone drives past on one of the neighbouring roads, presumably with a "personal GPS jammer" in their car.  I believe that the latest Trimble gear (R12 / SPS986 level) is better protected against jamming, but I don't have personal experience with that.

    What equipment are you using / seeing the problem on?

    Norman Smart

  • 3.  RE: Unusual Satellite Signal Interference Challenge

    Posted 12-11-2023 08:14

    I think the root cause is likely your use of the phrase "urban environment". I suspect you're experiencing multipath or EM interference. Not much you can do about those when surrounded by concrete taller than you. Field practices are key, as in trying to have sky obstructions to your north as the GPS constellation tends to have a hole to the north anyways. Your mileage may vary.

    Eric Collins, P.L.(Eng.), P.Tech.(Eng.)
    Operations Technology, Chief Operations Engineering
    Calgary, AB, Canada