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Vectorized building facade drawings from PointClouds

  • 1.  Vectorized building facade drawings from PointClouds

    Posted 04-05-2024 04:59


    we use a Trimble X7 scanner and do our post production in Trimble RealWorks.

    We are currently interested in a more automated workflow of creating simplified polylines from our building facade elevations. Does anyone have experience with this? 

    The results we got with Trimble RealWorks with the "EasyProfile" tool resulted in 100million lines from an elevation, most of which are not connected/coherent. Is this just a question of fine tuning our settings? Or is there other software out there that is better suited for this process? Because, drawing all these elevations by manually by hand will not be in anyones budget...

    The goals would be to have as little polylines as possible and as many of them connected as possible, to have an editable dwg file as a result - that is easy to understand and use.

    Happy to hear about your workflows. Thanks in advance!



    Joachim Daetz