Web 2.39 Release Notes - March 10 2016

Document created by Jose Gonzalez on Dec 20, 2016Last modified by Karthik Rajagopal on Apr 20, 2017
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New Features 

  • User interface performance improvements

  • Project home page filter

  • Public API to query BIM objects

  • View 3D button in detail viewer for DWG files





  • Change behavior of 'move file/folder'

  • Revit Plugin - Project listing now shows Read-Only/No Access Folders

  • Export ToDo To Excel now includes assignee Column




  • Invite window freezes when try to invite a user

  • ‘Get’  API is called for deleted project

  • File/folder - "Last modified by" is updated in the middle panel and not in the right panel

  • File activity history takes one minute or more to load

  • Dialog box stuck on 'Working' when changing admin to user

  • Deleting a file is increasing the No. of Revisions on the project details page.

  • User - changing from admin to user throws timeout exception

  • Views - clear selection link is shown even after deselecting all the views in left panel

  • User is able to see the deleted todos comment in the 3D viewer

  • Thumbnail shows missing objects not shown in 3D viewer

  • Revit Plugin - Revit file shows incorrect geometry

  • Clashes created through APIs get stuck at 1% if files are not assimilated by the time clash is created

  • Activation mail not received from TC for the project invite users after token expiry time

  • "Last modified on" column disappears after renaming folder/file name

  • Filter -  Date filter is set from previous project but activities are not filtered

  • User is not able to create view, blank error is getting displayed

  • Deleted clashsets are visible under clashset accordion.

  • Second invite e-mail contains project lInk instead of sign-up link

  • User is able to restore the folder

  • Improper error message is seen when user(read only access) try to checkin the file

  • Activities which are not related to particular object is seen in right panel activities

  • Special character star(*) is accepted in name when editing the clashset created.

  • Switching the tabs hides the right-side panel of a selected TODO task

  • Clashset - Deleted clashset is not removed from clashset grid when trying to access after deletion

  • Views and Clashset : No error message is getting displayed when we try to change shared with field for a deleted clashset/view

  • TODO tab - ASSIGNEE column in TODO table is not active for ordering list items

  • Todo - Selected todo is not displayed in the right panel, when we navigate to other page and come back to ToDo page

  • Last visited by column does not get updated when in list view.

  • No space between comments textbox and border on hovering to edit.

  • Todo:clicking on thumbnail is open in 3d viewer and View accordion is highlighted

  • File move causes last two revision's time stamp to be changed

  • Models disappear while moving around on 3d viewer and affects user experience

  • Sorting is not working correctly for last modified by column

  • Revit file errors on upload

  • After creating new project for ASIA project details are not cleared for new project

  • Edited project name in project details page is not saved

  • Unable to invite an active user to project

  • Number of files and size values are not updated after uploading and deleting multiple files

  • ifczip processing improvements

  • Renaming processing file causes error "File is still being processed ..."

  • Revisions list clicking on file name does not open viewer

  • Clicking on search View results do not open View in 3D viewer

  • Newly created project is not seen as the first project

  • Recipients property is missing when listing releases

  • Public v2.0 APIs : Folder creation fails under root folder for all members in the project other than project creator

  • Clash processing status is not shown in 3d viewer right panel

  • Wrong creator timestamp on file restored using v2 File upload API

  • Invite to new user is not sending emails

  • Home page - Last Modified column is displayed Blank

  • Opening LandXml files bring up 2D viewer instead of getting opened in 3D viewer

  • Update Group object to add standard fields

  • User should be able to create/edit a Clashset with name using , (comma).

  • Alignment not ready right after model is uploaded

  • Inviting users second time are not seen in Team page in Asia pod.

  • List comment public v1.0 API is throwing null pointer exception when objectId is not given

  • Folder Checkout: User having Read only access for folder wrong message display while checkout

  • Scaling is not displaying any error message if less than minimum value is entered

  • Admin User not able to create a folder in Data page.

  • In Firefox ,alphanumeric characters should not be allowed in the alignment settings text fields

  • 3D Camera views button get hidden when selecting Toggle pane view & Add measurement buttons.

  • Search results shows the projects created with EU and ASIA locations, but unable to open these projects

  • 3D Clicking on Hide button does not hide all the models

  • 3D Values provided in the Alignment are only reflected for the first model not for the rest.