Web 2.46 Release Notes - February 6, 2017

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Trimble Connect Web

New Features

  • Share data with other project users

  • BCF 2.0 Import: Handing attached documents into Todo
  • User can be part of multiple companies
  • Standardize map backgrounds to zoom level 20
  • Ability to view maps form data that has no position
  • Filter by user in Maps workspace for collected files
  • View multiple map data types in the same Maps viewer



  • 3D: Warn users when exiting without saving markups
  • Multiple view support for BCF
  • Handle move and rename cases with partial selective sync
  • Views and Clashsets listing in Data accordian take time to load
  • Search: Add project name to all indexed objects
  • Api changes for 2dviews attachment type for in getTodoAttachments api.
  • Modify the files array to String for the inputType and outputType in 2dviews api


Bug Fixes

  • Firefox & IE : Entire data in the page is seen selected while resizing the column
  • BCF : After exporting todo from one project in TC to another project, comment in the exported project is not showing up
  • IE10+ - Issues that needs to be fixed from bug bash sheet as part of 2.43
  • Views: Mismatch between values in right panel & middle panel while switching between accordions in data page
  • Release : File selection is not retained after creating a new release with the selected files
  • Angular - Drops downs are not aligning to the space available
  • User needs to click outside to see added markup
  • No alert for uploading files with more than 5GB
  • Upgrade Account - link error on Safari browser
  • [2D Viewer] PDF file doesn't open while trying to reopen it
  • Elastic Search fails for files often.
  • Putbatch should not create assimilation job if files priority is NA.
  • 3D Viewer: IE:INVALID_OPERATION Error is seen in console when 3D files are opened
  • Profile Page: Auto Save option for the drop down Job title is not working when clicked outside of the field.
  • Add Files/Views to ToDo : Cannot click on Submit if the cursor is kept in DueDate field not provided any value
  • Activity : Null pointer exception is seen while filtering with groups
  •  Error processing SKP files
  • [Folder Download] Sub-folders not present in zipped file
  • Translations needed for Entity Types in 3D Viewer
  • Clicking on Clash item attachment in a todo should open the particular clash item in 3dviewer
  • 2D Viewer : Getting Download Failed error message while upload a checked out file in 2d viewer
  • Error is seen when inviting multiple users in both NA & EU PODs
  • 2D Viewer : 2 alert messages are seen while deleting a file from 2d viewer
  • Same email id is seen in the excel sheet for all the invalid id.  
  • 2d viewer : permission denied message is seen when admin deletes user created view
  • Not allowed to access or create map workspaces - Thrown with No Permission message
  • Skp files uploaded are in Queue when uploaded with my.sketchup header
  • [Data] [Download] Manual download doesn't download all the files from the folder
  • Import in workspaces fails
  • IE10- Cant able to create view/todo from 3d viewer
  • IE10 - Nothing happens on clicking reset button
  • User not able to access shared view
  • IE 10: Model is not opened in embedded viewer
  • Selecting an element fails view/todo creation
  • 2d views : permission denied message is seen for admin while editing an implicit todo created by user
  • Error is seen when selecting the release files under no access status.
  • Error is seen when listing the users in team page for few projects. NPE observed for the API call
  • Console error "RangeError:Maximum call stack size exceeded" is seen after deleting a Todo from 3D viewer