Desktop v1.4 Release Notes - April 14 2017

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Trimble Connect Desktop v1.4 can be downloaded from here.


New Features

  1. Ability to access file and model versions.
  2. Ability to activate view with original model versions.
  3. Ability to add tags to a ToDo or a file.
  4. Model tree and attribute data support for Revit models.
  5. Objects tab supports now creating group based coloring
  6. Trimble Connect for Desktop (x64 only) supports now importing point cloud data in .las and .laz formats.
  7. Following new fields have been added to a ToDo: Title, Type and Completion percentage for BCF 2.0 Support
  8. Ability to add attachments to a ToDo also from local file system.
  9. Ability to attach clip plane to a line. In this case the clip plane will be created perpendicular to the line.
  10. Ability to create vertical clip planes.



  1. Custom columns in object list are now showing also inherited attribute values from higher level assemblies if the intended value cannot be found from the actual part's attributes. Previously these cases were marked as text "Other".
  2. Author and Model creation date properties in Model Details view were renamed to "Added by" and "Date added" because the properties are about adding the file into project, not about originally creating the files.


Bug Fixes

  1. Project list order by last visited property was not always shown consistently between Desktop/Web.
  2. Application crashed when zooming to two clashes that were extremely close to each other, virtually in the same location but not exactly in the same location.
  3. Fixed an issue in clustering algorithm causing clash clusters (with more than one clash) to disappear if some clashes forming the cluster were on the direction line from camera to the cluster, but behind the camera instead of being in front of the camera.
  4. Some Sketchup models were not showing correctly.
  5. Zooming was behaving unexpectedly especially with LandXML models.
  6. Application occasionally crashed while pushing file to server.
  7. Fixed an issue that prevented downloading large file from the server.
  8. Fixed an issue that prevented uploading large file to the server.
  9. Model update did not make clash set red to indicate user that the clash set is outdated and should be re-run.
  10. Clash list state was reset after synchronization.
  11. Certain combination of cross-section planes and measurements caused the application to stop working.
  12. Certain combination of cross-section planes and measurements caused view activation to fail.
  13. Object list color indicator was not updated correctly in certain cases.
  14. Restoring transparency for an entire model also changed color back to default.
  15. Objects tab grouping and filtering did not work correctly in certain cases.
  16. Application crashed in certain cases while browsing object details tab.
  17. Changing project library presentation was taking long time.
  18. Color indicator disappeared in certain cases while activating a view.
  19. ToDo synchronization failed if the title was too long.
  20. Application occasionally crashed when creating a view group.