Web 2.50 Release Notes - April 27, 2017

Document created by Karthik Rajagopal on Apr 26, 2017
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  • Add attachments or hyperlink to a location on the web to any BIM Object in a model. Learn more...

  • Search results show location breadcrumbs for easier navigation 

  • ToDo: Download attachment option

  • ToDo listing visibility settings: set ToDo visible only to creator, admin and assignee 

  • Responsiveness of Template Editor



  • Search keeps on loading when the search text is more than 1024 characters
  • Remove map workspaces from hamburger menu
  • Make a list box for ToDo type selection based on the given list of ToDo type in the project
  • Instant Emails should be triggered for View deleted activity
  • RTC - Change "Click to load NTRIP Source" as a button and text input after clicking on it.
  • MAPS - Utilize title field in ToDos for TerraFlex and Map Viewer
  • GEO API : Modify maps API to POST activities (Template)
  • GEO API : POST generated Workspace Thumbnail to API
  • GEO API : Modify maps API to POST activities (Workspace)


Bug Fixes

  • Activity : Right panel activity shows only Latest 12 activities. Previous activities are missed
  • Profile - Form field should get highlighted if customer is entering wrong information
  • PDFTron - Getting warning and error messages in console while loading 2d file in pdftron
  • Project : 'Project not found' page is seen when project link is accessed from another pod
  • Alignment : Markups are not moving along with model while aligning
  • Private API : /app/users/me is taking longer time in Staging AP POD
  • Activity : Individual activities are seen for each folder instead of single activity when uploaded through sync
  • V2 API in Staging AP : V2 API calls are slower in AP POD
  • Todo : Markups added for one file is seen for other attached files also
  • API doc missing for : Request access email to project admin
  • API doc for: Embedded Attachments
  • Default workspace is not created when user cancels the creation of initial workspace.
  • IE: Background color is missing for the feature count in Todo panel
  • Handling broken geometries
  • Thumbnails for anything
  • Use the latest published template, rather than just the latest template version for display in the map viewer
  • Images from the field are not rotated correctly
  • Dex fails to show Asia pod projects in TF mobile app
  • [ASSIM] Land XML Files Shows in TCD but not TCW
  • Hidden Files : Hidden files are not visible when isHidden param is set to false
  • Console errors thrown while creating workspaces
  • "Cannot connect to server" error is thrown for users with large number of workspaces
  • Styling- Sucess message for layer to template conversion is not in user understandable format
  • Tags should not accept OS Unsupported characters as tag name
  • MAPS - Fileviewer empty
  • Export by 'All map workspace data" filter- file count in the downloaded zip is not matching with the layers(with features) count in workspace
  • Aggregation is not happening properly
  • Automatic refresh is not happening for many operation throughout the map
  • Thumbnail is generated based only on the collected feature and doesn't show the imported feature
  • Workpsace creation from TC is not working
  • Lock layer not working as expected from mobile app
  • 2D Views : Views not shared are able to share and view by User
  • FE-Complete Testing for share data feature
  • Long list of upload files in active uploads doesn't display the entire list
  • 3Dviewer/2DViewer : Not able to unselect View by clicking on the view on left panel
  • Non Master POD : Activity : Batch view is failing for delete clash action
  • RTC-Serial port - Scrollbar overlays the fields
  • It should not be possible to add a field with the same name as existing field
  • MAPS - text update to remove reference to task
  • Update API left panel contextually
  • Clustering is not happening while applying filter
  • Layers/Data panel needs to be visible by default in new workspaces
  • Exporting a mix of forms with and without geometry creates incorrectly formatted data
  • The status property is wrong in Object Sync API for 2D Views
  • Status is wrong in Object Sync & Embedded 2dviews are missed in ObjectSync
  • Some queries are taking too long
  • [Releases] Send release emails aren't received by the users
  • View continues to refresh when right panel ToDo properties are edited