Web 2.53 Release Notes - June 15 2017

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New Features

  • Create new project from an existing one as template for quick project setup, maintaining folder structure standards by work breakdown etc.


  • Onboarding experience for users on project data



  • Export project activity to excel. In excel you can analyze activity graphs by trade, company, activity type and much more...



  • Add multiple section planes (up to 8) with models in 3D viewer. Views can be more consistently shared across Trimble Connect Web, Desktop and Mobile.

  • Add permissions to multiple selected folders at once
  • Import to Map Workspace from Connect



  • API - to search on deleted objects
  • Exception handling for resource maxout while clash checking
  • Populate model cause out-of memory exception for very large models
  • TCD compliance workflow: adding localization
  • Align object linking workflow to select tool
  • Project settings: Email notification for Views, ToDos and Clashsets
  • 3d viewer - Align - Files are not correctly aligned as seen in desktop, mobile
  • Per page cursor value is needed in Delta API
  • Changes in the file thumbnail are not reflected in HT API
  • Object linking - Permission left panel
  • Share Data: Share dialog notify field should not be mandatory
  • Search: Migration of Old deleted objects 
  • Clear filter button - API changes to fetch counts in other screens.
  • Show error message only when we first open view/clashset which has the deleted files


Bug Fixes

  • Add model placement (alignment) support to HT and Object Sync API
  • Clash creation stops at 1 percent
  • Release : Able to delete a released file,  while deleting a folder containing the released file
  • Not able to create ToDo in 3D viewer
  • Search: Newly created objects are not indexed for Europe region projects
  • V2 Get List APIs : Response code and Range headers are wrong
  • Bounding Box Information is not being stored in DB for ifczip file
  • No meaningful error is thrown when trying to hit no access workspace
  • Shared workspace gets deleted once after hitting the URL