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Creating a new project from an existing project

An admin user of the project can create a new project from an existing one in the same region as a project template for quick project setup.


1. Click the hamburger menu icon hamburger icon on the selected project, and then select "New from existing projects" on the selected project.

New from existing project


2. To copy and derive the selected project, select at least on of the following project configurations on the pop-up window;

1. Project settings - To maintain most project settings of the selected project.

2. Project members - To maintain the selected project's team user and administrator roles

3. Groups - To populate with project members if the Project members is selected

4. Folder structures - To maintain project folder permissions for the copied users and/or groups.


template from existing project


3. Once the preferred configurations have been selected, click Next

4. Enter the new project name. The project server location is deactivate and a new project will be created in the same server location based on the selected project.

new project name

5. Click "More options" link to add description, project start date and project end date if required.

new project option description start end date

6. Click "Submit" button to finish creating a new project. 

7. Trimble Connect will send email notification once a new project has been created and ready in Trimble Connect.   

preparing your project

8. Click "OK" to close the pop-up window.