Web 2.57 and 2.58 Release Notes - Sep 14 2017

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New Features

  • Interactive uploads now go to the current folder in middle panel instead of selected folder for improved user experience and context



  • New workflow for release functionality: Release files now need to be copied manually by recipients into the data tab using the "Add Files to Folder" option as needed






  • Expanded units settings for project



  • Breadcrumbs for easier folder navigation in project data


  • Viewers open in a new tab



  • Assim status notification - UX Improvement
  • Performance improvements - Create Project API
  • Separate layer fields from template editor
  • ObjectSync Api - Performance improvement for View
  • Unfolding file and folder changes in the object sync API
  • ToDo listing API ignores the range in building the criteria
  • Change icon for the uploaded files in the upload dialogue.
  • Ensure actions happen in current folder
  • Improve Performance of List Users in Project
  • Move project button to left
  • Data page: Add folder navigation to header
  • Permissions to be stored at original version of the folder
  • Adding permission to multiple folders updates


Bug Fixes

  • ObjectSyncAPI not returning deleted User Group objects
  • Model Tree Not Correct When 10 or More Models Loaded
  • Performance optimization for the new PDF library changes
  • ToDo: User can change the tag value which is not assigned
  • Get folderPermissions private API is called twice while selecting a folder in Data page
  • ToDo Visibility Feature : Not applied for the todo created by Import BCF
  • Clash - left panel selection response is too slow
  • [Share Data] Edit button gives error while trying to edit its activity
  • [3D Viewer] Objects are hidden while rotating a model
  • Instant Email for Deleted View/ Deleted Clash Activity : Has the wrong projectId in the url
  • [Maps]:User having Read access permission can edit and duplicate the template
  • [LOGIN] User unable to login with email updated for TID account in Tekla
  • Activity : Activities for deleted files is not listed , when the parent folder of the deleted file is renamed/moved
  • Infinite loop of error alerts seen if selected ToDo was deleted by other user
  • Object Sync support is missing for trianglesCount information
  • [Maps]Contents of imported file is getting copied to another template on backstacking
  • Authentication is saving user everytime. Check for TidUUID and other params before saving
  • IFC Files not getting assimilated and loading icon stay for longer duration of time
  • Performance Improvement for 3dviews public api with filter option
  • Total number of 3D views in response range is incorrect in objectSync FetchObjects call
  • Clicking on the project invite email link does not show up profile completion page for the users who are already activated but not logged into TC once
  • Clashset item selected is not cleared with ClearSelection 
  • Console Errors "Cannot read property 'getViewerHeight' of undefined" is seen
  • Activity : Invalid arguments error is seen while opening right panel for download files from release activity
  • Duplicate layer & Linked Layer - There is no indication to show layer is being duplicated/linked
  • [Data] Upload not finished at 100%
  • Updated mails are coming to user who has restricted himself from getting these mails.
  • [Team] Importing users to project throws exceptions for non TID users
  • While switching between 2D and 3D views in Views Page, both get 2dviews and 3d views list call is sent
  • Adding users in EU Pod is not reflecting in the company user's list of NA pod.
  • Import ToDo from Excel : notifyAssignee is not working properly
  • Inheritance rules are not respected when getting alignment for specific file version
  • Multipart upload - add hash value as a parameter
  • Users who are not project members receive Release email 
  • Redirect URL in the error response of Compliance page needs to be updated
  • Inconsistency in ObjectSync response for alignment
  • Some comments are not visible when using ObjectSync API but in normal API
  • API doesn't give any comments for a file which has multiple versions
  • Updating project settings through API fails with server error
  • [View] Filter selected in 3D viewer cause error when create view
  • Inviting Brand new user with excluded company domain is throwing Internal error
  • Wrong collation in schema